Big Insurance And Their “5 Best Kept Secrets”

When you suffer a personal injury through no fault of your own, our legal system provides certain benefits to you through the at fault party’s insurance company. Unfortunately, obtaining these benefits can be difficult because insurance companies are massive “for profit” ventures trying to pay out as little as possible to you, the injured party. Before I founded Bottaro Law, a law firm 100% dedicated to helping those injured, my experience included working for the insurance companies. Here are 5 facts that I learned:

  1. Insurance agents receive bonuses and promotions based on how LITTLE they pay you. It’s real simple – insurance agents work FOR their employer, the insurance company. They do not represent your interests and are not rewarded for paying you money. Instead, insurance agents are rewarded when they underpay on your case.
  2. After an injury, insurance companies will contact you in the hopes of obtaining a statement that will later be used to HURT your case. The agents who contact you are trained to question your injuries and how they occurred in a manner benefits the insurance company and minimizes or destroys your rights to benefits.
  3. After an injury, insurance companies segregate those without a lawyer from those with a lawyer. Injured people without a lawyer are herded into a separate department. These agents, while acting very nice and polite to you, are trained to employ various deception techniques with the ultimate objective to pay you the least possible for your claim and/or delay your claim until important time deadlines lapse.
  4. The Insurance Industry’s Own Study Concluded That Injured Persons With A Lawyer Recover, On Average 3.5 Times More Compensation Than Those Without A Lawyer. Agents are trained to tell you that it would be better for you to deal directly with them rather than “pay a lawyer.” But of course, insurance agents do not tell you that: (1) without a lawyer, your full rights may not be protected; and, (2) our firm’s ”No Fee Guarantee” means that you only pay us IF we win your case and that our fee is based directly on how much compensation we recover for you. Unlike the agent, it is in our lawyer’s interest to recover maximum benefits for you.
  5. Insurance companies use a rigged computer software to unfairly “evaluate” the value of your claim. Without a lawyer, insurance agents may tell you that they will fairly pay you based on their computer system. But this “system” is flawed – the numbers spit out are based on the artificial settings plugged in by the insurance company.