Rhode Island $150,000.00 Lyft Car Accident Settlement Netted by Attorney Mike Bottaro

Rhode Islander car damaged in a recent car accident

When a Rhode Island local suffered injuries in a recent car accident, she contacted us right away and we jumped on the case. It turns out, the careless driver was driving for Lyft at the time which created unique issues.

East Providence RI Car Accident With Multiple Personal Injuries

In this case we represented a 65 year old woman from Seekonk, MA. She was simply traveling east on Warren Ave in East Providence, RI when the Lyft driver carelessly made a left hand turn in front of her car.

This caused a significant T-bone car accident:

Recent car accident illustration

Illustration of T-bone car accident

Our client experienced immediate neck and shoulder pain. Rescue reported to the scene and transported our client to Rhode Island Hospital. There she was admitted for 3 days before being discharged to a nursing home. Our client spent the next 2 months at the nursing rehabbing with conservative treatment. Ultimately it would be discovered that our client suffered severe trauma to her left shoulder and ankle.

Fighting Against Lyft’s Big Insurance Company

During our investigation it became evident that the negligent driver was working for Lyft at the time of the crash. Ride share car accidents present unique issues. One issue is determining and confirming the applicable car insurance. Car insurance is important for it determined how our client’s medical expenses and pain and suffering and other monetary damages would be handled.

Ride sharing generally can exclude personal auto insurance for the Lyft driver. In this case, I was able to ensure that Lyft provided auto insurance coverage for our client.

Next up was battling that insurance company to ensure that our client was fairly compensated.  In this case, that included not only proving the Lyft driver was negligent, but also providing her monetary loss. Here, one issue was the medical expenses and necessity of her stay at a nursing facility to rehabilitate.

In these situations, you really need a top personal injury law firm experienced with handling car accidents. At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we limit our practice to representing only the injured, and only personal injury law. This experience was important here to ultimately winning the case, where I was able to recover the full extent of our client’s damages, $150,000.00 out of court, in an quick manner.

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