RI and MA Personal Injury Law 101: Paying Your Medical Bills

RI And MA Personal Injury Law 101: Paying Your Medical Bills

Who pays your medical bills after a RI or MA personal injury? In follow-up to other blogs on this topic, today we are going to look at our home states here at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC. Remember: your case is unique! We are here for your free case review 24/7. We love people and would love to help.

Who Pays Medical Bills After A Rhode Island Personal Injury Car Accident?

This answer depends on some factors, including what type of personal injury you suffered and your health insurance situation.

First, a car accident case yields a different answer than a workers compensation case. Assuming the former, in a RI car accident case, generally your health insurance is primary. Of course, this is subject to your co-pays and deductibles as usual.

Second, if you have two health insurance companies, one will be primary.

Third, Rhode Island auto insurance is a non-PIP state. I have blogged on PIP before and it is also referenced below. On a RI auto insurance policy, you may have purchased optional medical payment benefits. This is secondary and to be used by you! You need us to help you obtain and understand these issues!

Who Pays Medical Bills After A Massachusetts Personal Injury Car Accident?

With the understanding like above, that it depends on the type of personal injury, Massachusetts for car accidents is a PIP state.

As a PIP state, if Mass. auto policies apply, PIP auto insurance may actually be primary. Again, there are various factors and issues to navigate here.  You need our help!

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