Client Testimonials

We are inspired to help people. Over the years, we have helped thousands of New Englanders get better after personal injuries and be made whole, recovering millions of dollars in the process. Below are some kind words spoken from actual clients out of the goodness of their hearts.

“Mike worked very hard on my car accident case when the insurance company didn’t want to pay.”

- Marcelo, North Providence

“I would absolutely recommend Mike Bottaro and his law firm.”

- Paula, Salem

“My experience with Mike was extremely positive. He’s a man of truth and integrity.”

- Maritza, North Providence

“Client review from a Rhode Island personal injury car accident client for the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC.”

- Phil, South County

“I didn’t have to do any of the heavy lifting myself. I didn’t have to worry about making a mistake. They took care of everything for me, let me just go to my therapy, and get better.”

- Maureen, Rhode Island

“Sandy shares her positive experience and appreciation for the hard work and time spent on her RI car accident case.”

- Sandy, Rhode Island

“Mike Bottaro was very personable … He made sure that I was well informed of the case and showed that he cared.”

- Stephanie, Rhode Island

“Mike did a great job and was a great lawyer.”

- Steve, Attleboro

“I would highly recommend the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, my experience with them was great. They were always so friendly and they contacted me 1-2 times a week checking on how I was doing they got my physical Therapy set right up , my MRI’s and my specialist even during COVID-19 when mostly every doctor wasn’t taken new patients they were still able to get me appointments. I personally spoke with Meghan once to twice a week faithfully, she called to check on me and see if I needed anything. As it came to the end of my Therapy and everything Mike Bottaro had called me personally and I dealt with him every time from that moment until my case was settled. He did an amazing job he worked to make sure I was fairly compensated for what I had went through and was still going through. I am especially grateful that when one of the Insurance companies needed to speak to me he was there on the call and when the rep from Insurance company started being very skeptical asking questions like what did my physical therapist look like he told the rep that he was going to end the call and asked what kind of questions were these and he didn’t allow the rep to mistreat me which I appreciated. I know they have to do their jobs however the rep was rude and invasive and wasn’t asking any questions about my accident or injuries. I just really liked how Mike was there for me doing what was best for me. Basically I would highly recommend the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, Mike and his Team are amazing, even the receptionist are always so friendly and helpful. All the places they sent me were also very friendly and helpful my experience was amazing. Thank you Mike and the entire the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC Family, thank you for making me feel so comfortable and Being so helpful. I hope you all stay safe during the Pandemic. Thank you again.”

- Melissa Cato

“From day one they always made me feel like they had my intentions and health first in mind. Always very professional, responsive and most importantly very caring. Great group of professionals. Highly recommend their services if you’re ever in need.”

- Nelson Resende