Client Testimonials

At Bottaro Law, we believe a referral from one of our clients is the highest compliment our firm can receive—because getting the best results possible is about more than just a dollar amount on a check.

“Sandy shares her positive experience and appreciation for the hard work and time spent on her RI car accident case.”

- Sandy, Rhode Island

“I had so many questions and they answered every single one of them. It made me feel as though I was family.”

- Ricky, Cranston, RI

“Mike Bottaro was very personable … He made sure that I was well informed of the case and showed that he cared.”

- Stephanie, Rhode Island

“He took care of everything. He went above and beyond—did an amazing job.”

- Ron, Riverside, RI

“I didn’t have to do any of the heavy lifting myself. I didn’t have to worry about making a mistake. They took care of everything for me, let me just go to my therapy, and get better.”

- Maureen, Rhode Island

“Mike did a great job and was a great lawyer.”

- Steve, Attleboro

“My experience with Mike was very positive.”

- Christine, Bristol

“The staff was wonderful! Everybody I worked with was so kind. I would recommend Mike to anybody and everybody.”

- Cathy, Car Accident

”This is a lawyer who actually cares about what I’m going through and not just making some money.”

- Evie Jo, East Greenwich

“At first when I got into my car accident things were overwhelming. The other person’s insurance company kept calling during my work hours and needed me to meet them to fill out paperwork. They even asked if they could meet me at my job to complete some things. They began offering me compensation which did not seem fair for the injury I had suffered or the aggravation. I was hesitant to call a lawyer but things became so frustrating and there was so much I was unsure of. After being referred to Mike all my concerns went a way. I had nothing else to worry about and was given a fair compensation, which would have never been given without his help. I thank Mike for all his help.”

- Rachel, Warwick