Client Testimonials

At Bottaro Law, we believe a referral from one of our clients is the highest compliment our firm can receive—because getting the best results possible is about more than just a dollar amount on a check.

“Two cases with them so far and it has been a awesome experience! Loved my Case Manager, Shawna. She was great with giving me very detailed information and keeping me informed about my case. Highly recommend!”

- Juliana Camarena

Mike, thank you so much for agreeing to take my case. I am so impressed with your staff and how wonderful everyone treated me (especially Arriana) A huge thank you for the unbelievable settlement amount you were able to win! I am still letting it sink in. It was so lovely to hear all the nice things Allison Field & Jonzeyl said about you. It was certainly all time. Thank you for your expertise and I will share your name with friends who may need an injury lawyer. With – Gratitude , Erin

- Erin Pierce

“Hola soy Mynor, estoy muy contento porque Mike Bottaro luchó por mi caso con todo lo que sea posible. Tomó toda la información a la mano y trabajó muy rápidamente. Estoy muy sinceramente agradecido.”

- Mynor, Providence

“Great service, professional and caring. Answers and questions or concerns. Highly recommended.”

- Kim Freni

“When someone you love has a car accident, many things come together quickly and can be confusing. First you must deal with the shock of knowing they are hurt and must go through hospital tests and treatments. In our case the tests led to more tests and diagnoses that meant multiple doctors becoming involved. With the vehicle being totaled this meant buying a new car long before we really needed one or planned on this additional expense. The very thought of having to deal with health and car insurance companies was overwhelming and daunting. We knew we needed someone with experience and expertise to handle our needs, answer our questions and represent us, so we called Mike Bottaro. Mike stepped in and answered all our questions, explained procedures and basically took over handling everything which allowed my husband to do what he had to do to get better. Just knowing Mike was carrying that burden gave us peace of mind. Mike kept in contact both by phone and email either contacting us or promptly returning our calls and/or emails. Mike even made house calls which in this day and age is almost unheard of! Mike was our rock and navigator during a very difficult process, but to be clear he never made it seem hard…he just persevered. Mike’s vast experience in handling personal injury claims is what eased our minds in knowing we made the right decision when we called him and turned our case over to him. Our case has now been settled and Mike is the reason we had such a favorable return. If you are seeking someone to guide and help you please call Mike Bottaro…he is courteous, thoughtful, bright and willing to take the time to listen to all your concerns. Once Mike and you have taken that first step, rest assured that is when he draws on his contacts, experience and expertise to get the wheels in motion and begin the fight to get the best settlement for you. Knowing you are number one with him will give you that wonderful feeling of reassurance that you made the right decision in calling him just like we did.”

- Beth, Coventry

“This place has been the most wonderful place for a lawyer they are kind caring and quick I would 100% recommend.”

- Jessica Jordan

“I would highly recommend the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, my experience with them was great. They were always so friendly and they contacted me 1-2 times a week checking on how I was doing they got my physical Therapy set right up , my MRI’s and my specialist even during COVID-19 when mostly every doctor wasn’t taken new patients they were still able to get me appointments. I personally spoke with Meghan once to twice a week faithfully, she called to check on me and see if I needed anything. As it came to the end of my Therapy and everything Mike Bottaro had called me personally and I dealt with him every time from that moment until my case was settled. He did an amazing job he worked to make sure I was fairly compensated for what I had went through and was still going through. I am especially grateful that when one of the Insurance companies needed to speak to me he was there on the call and when the rep from Insurance company started being very skeptical asking questions like what did my physical therapist look like he told the rep that he was going to end the call and asked what kind of questions were these and he didn’t allow the rep to mistreat me which I appreciated. I know they have to do their jobs however the rep was rude and invasive and wasn’t asking any questions about my accident or injuries. I just really liked how Mike was there for me doing what was best for me. Basically I would highly recommend the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, Mike and his Team are amazing, even the receptionist are always so friendly and helpful. All the places they sent me were also very friendly and helpful my experience was amazing. Thank you Mike and the entire the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC Family, thank you for making me feel so comfortable and Being so helpful. I hope you all stay safe during the Pandemic. Thank you again.”

- Melissa Cato

“I was recommended by a friend to consult with Mike after experiencing a debilitating injury. Upon meeting with Mike, I felt right at ease. We discussed the facts and he explained my options very clearly. The insurance carrier refused to accept any liability in the case. Mike continued to work on my behalf and I am very pleased to report I have received a sizable settlement. I was consulted with and informed every step along the way. Mike and his staff are a pleasure to deal with. I would highly, highly recommend Mike.”

- Lee, Saunderstown

“I cannot say enough good things about the Bottaro Law Firm! I was in a bad car accident and having the firm on my side made the entire process of dealing with multiple insurance companies pain free. Mike worked to max out my policy benefits and I am so grateful! Hopefully I will not have the need to use these services in the future, but if the time arises I would not hesitate to hire Mike again. Thank you to everyone at the firm who helped with my case!”

- Jennifer Rathlev

“Everybody was so helpful and pleasant and I would definitely tell other people to use you I am more than pleased with the way they ended up with my settlement”

- Bruce Vass