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Rollover accidents aren’t like other kinds of car crashes. They are terrifying, catastrophic, and often happen without any warning whatsoever. In fact, rollovers can occur even when there is only one vehicle involved, without any kind of conventional “crash” whatsoever. And the damages are almost always substantial.

The good news is that rollover accidents are relatively rare, representing only about 10% of highway incidents nationwide. Infrequent as they are, though, rollovers account for a disproportionately high number of serious injuries and deaths.

Safe driving depends on maintaining control of the vehicle. Once a driver loses control, it is very hard to regain it before an accident happens. Indeed, loss of control is a common factor in vehicle rollovers, and the entire ordeal can unfold in the blink of an eye.

It’s important to understand how rollover accidents happen, which drivers are most susceptible to harm, and preventative measures that can be taken to avoid them.

It’s also important for those who’ve been injured in a rollover accident to understand their rights under Rhode Island and Massachusetts personal injury law. When these accidents happen as a result of another party’s negligence (as is often the case), injured parties and their families are typically entitled to a substantial financial recovery for their suffering.

Unfortunately, claiming compensation isn’t as easy as it should be. The insurance companies, employers, and vehicle manufacturers responsible for rollovers are eager to blame their victims. Too often, they refuse to offer the reimbursement they owe until an experienced attorney steps in.

At Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we have years of experience in aggressively representing innocent drivers, passengers, and pedestrians who have been injured in a rollover accident due to no fault of their own.

We are prepared to pursue the largest amount of compensation allowable under the law for our clients — even if that means challenging some of the biggest corporations in the world. We have a strong track record when it comes to those kinds of challenges, so you can rest assured that our experienced Rhode Island rollover accident attorneys will fight for your rights through the very end.

Know the Rollover Risk Factors

Despite what you may have heard, rollovers can happen in any kind of automobile. It is true, however, that some vehicles pose a greater rollover risk than others. SUVs, pickup trucks, passenger vans, and other top-heavy cars are among the most dangerous.

All of the following factors have been shown to significantly increase the risk of a roadway rollover:

  • Driving a vehicle with a high center of gravity — These include sport utility vehicles (SUVs), pickup trucks, commercial trucks, school buses, public buses, tour buses, vans, minivans, and many more. Some vehicle makes and models are especially notorious for rollover accidents. Our office can help you determine whether your car is among the worst offenders and how that fact might factor into your case.
  • Trips — A trip is any hazard, obstruction, or abnormality in the roadway that causes a vehicle to become unbalanced, swerve suddenly, or lose control. Trips are the most common cause of rollovers, accounting for about 95% of all cases. We’ll look at trips in greater detail in the next section of this page.
  • Suddenly turning the wheel — Vehicles are designed for gradual, smooth changes in course or direction. Jerking the wheel sharply or abruptly can cause the vehicle to lose balance and flip over. This is referred to as an “untripped rollover.”
  • Poor weather — Snow, ice, black ice, standing water, and heavy rain are all known to cause rollovers. In some cases, the weather accumulates on the road and acts as a trip. In other cases, the conditions cause the vehicle to skid or hydroplane, and when the driver responds with an abrupt correction of the steering wheel, an untripped rollover occurs.
  • Negligent driving — Speed, distracted driving, fatigued driving, texting while driving, reckless driving, and driving under the influence all greatly increase the likelihood of a rollover. This is true regardless of weather conditions or the type of vehicle involved.

The Rhode Island rollover accident attorneys at Bottaro Law Firm, LLC work with experienced professionals in accident investigation and analysis. We can help you determine the precise cause of your rollover in order to identify each of the parties at fault.

Types of Trips

The scariest thing about trips is that they can be very hard to spot until it’s too late. That’s why it is so important to remain constantly vigilant anytime you’re operating a motor vehicle — especially when traveling in the evening or at high speeds. When night falls, it becomes even more difficult to spot trips in your path.

Common trips include:

  • Litter
  • Abandoned cargo
  • Items that have fallen off other vehicles (e.g. furniture, mattresses, lumber, etc.)
  • Guard rail fragments left in the road after another accident
  • Dead animals
  • Uneven roadways (potholes, crumbling asphalt, etc.)
  • Uneven highway shoulders
  • Debris from highway construction projects
  • Speed bumps, curbs, or highway shoulders that have been poorly placed or inadequately maintained
  • Fragments of worn-out tires that have fallen off while other cars were driving
  • Black ice

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