3 Secrets The Insurance Company Will Not Tell YOU!

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Do you know that if you get into a motorcycle accident with personal injury, the insurance company is not obligated to advise you of your legal rights? This is true with bike accidents, motorcycle accidents, and other accidents involving cars, pedestrians, etc. Having handled many motorcycle and bike accidents in my 20 year career, here are some secrets the big insurance companies will NOT tell you!

Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Secret #1: The Insurance Company Is In The Business Of Avoiding Paying YOU or Paying YOU as LITTLE As Possible!

That’s right. No matter how nice they may see on the phone and no matter that you are not at fault — insurance companies make money by collecting money, not paying it to you!

So… bottom line. You need to lawyer up. At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we only get paid when you get paid. And we work on commission, so it’s in your interest and ours to get you the most money for your bike and injuries.

May is National Motorcycle Awareness Month. When you or your friend go down, I’m here to help pick you up and get you the money you deserve for your bike and personal injuries. The call or text 401-777-7777 is always free, always 24/7.

Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Secret #2: The Insurance Company Will Not Tell You About How To Build Your Case To Get You Paid Fairly And Avoid Medical Expenses

Without a lawyer (or, even when you have a lousy lawyer!), you are at the disadvantage of not knowing how to properly document your case as is necessary to support a great settlement and avoid being stuck with BI medical bills.

Insurance companies like Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Allstate, and the like will never pay your bills for you. That is not their obligation. They will only offer you a “lump sum” and be done with you.  Not helpful

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we take the time and personal touch to walk with you and teach you about your case and the medical bills.  This is more important than you may realize and could literally save you tens of thousands of dollars!

Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Secret #3: The Insurance Company Will Not Tell You About Time Deadlines That Can Destroy Your Right To Maximum Compensation.

In every personal injury claim, there are important time deadlines. Some may seem obvious and far away, such as Rhode Island’s general three year statute of limitations. But several others are much less obvious, depending on the facts of your case.

If you miss these deadlines, than you either will get less money for your case or may even have destroyed any right to recover a penny.  Think the insurance company or a second rate lawyer is going to tell you that?

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