Month: November 2014

During the holidays, it is no surprise that we see more drivers on the road who are driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. While the numbers of DUI-related motor vehicle deaths are starting to decrease each year – thanks … Continue reading

female hand writes the document in court

As a month when daylight is waning, November is aptly named National Running Safety Month. This is a good time to become re-acquainted with Rhode Island’s pedestrian laws and safety tips for avoiding personal injuries while running. Pedestrians must walk, … Continue reading

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Court-Annexed Arbitration is Required When Filing a Lawsuit in Rhode Island 866-LAW-9700 The court-annexed arbitration process is important to understand if you have been in an accident and are considering filing a lawsuit in Rhode Island. We start this process … Continue reading

Bringing a Lawsuit Against the Auto Manufacturer Following a Car Accident 866-LAW-9700 You are considering bringing legal action after your auto accident, but did you know you may also have a claim against the auto manufacturer itself? In order to … Continue reading

The Rhode Island Supreme Court has denied the appeal of a man rendered a quadriplegic after falling near the Newport Cliff Walk, following a jury verdict in favor of the State of Rhode Island on premises liability. Berman v. Sitrin, __ … Continue reading

A wrongful death lawsuit recently filed in Colorado demonstrates how a civil case may help to bring justice when the criminal process fails. In 2013 Natalie Egleston, 48, was killed in a skiing accident in Colorado. According to her wrongful death lawsuit, the … Continue reading

The General Motors ignition switch scandal has been going on for months now, but shows no signs of slowing down. Back in April we wrote in our RI Personal Injury Law blog about the massive GM recall from this defect. The Wall Street Journal now reports … Continue reading

Drivers who multitask in their cars used to take solace knowing that voice-control devices – such as Bluetooth phones and navigational systems – allow them to talk on the phone, follow driving directions, and control car functions without using their hands. … Continue reading