Month: October 2014

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is urgently warning owners of 7.8 million vehicles–mostly older vehicles–to replace defective airbags manufactured by Japanese supplier Takata Corp. Regulators are concerned that defective airbag canisters could explode during an auto accident, releasing shrapnel … Continue reading

With the kickoff of the Providence Bruins hockey season, as RI personal injury lawyers, we remind fans of safety tips during hockey games. Pucks striking fans in the stands have caused unfortunate injuries. However, the odds of being injured may … Continue reading

One of the toughest parts of any Rhode Island personal injury case is the road to recovery. Whether it is a RI car accident, motorcycle accident, slip and fall or medical malpractice, regaining one’s independence and health is a difficult … Continue reading

The public’s perception of motorcyclists involved in accidents is generally that they are more dangerous on the road than other drivers. They are perceived as riding loud bikes, wearing leather and just generally not being safe on the road. How … Continue reading

Today kicks off National Teen Driver Safety Week from October 19-25, 2014. Teen driving safety is a major concern for any parent. While a new teen driver can be an important milestone, parents need to know that teenagers make up an alarmingly high … Continue reading

The parents of a South Carolina high school football player who died on the field filed a wrongful death action against several local and state agencies, as reported by the Hartsville Messenger. The tragic incident occurred on October 5, 2012. Ronald Rouse, 18 … Continue reading

brain injury

On October 19, 2014, Mike and the law firm will support the Brain Injury Association of Rhode Island’s fundraising event in Warwick, Rhode Island. The event is titled as a “2 Mile Walk/5k Run” that will start at 8:30 am … Continue reading

In several personal injury cases, we go to mediation, and clients often have many questions about what it is and how it fits into the case: What is mediation, what actually happens there and how do you prepare for it? … Continue reading

An Ohio woman’s personal injuries from exploding rifle targets is sparking some debate over product liability and the dangerous nature of the product. In 2012, Jennifer Plank-Greer was standing fifty yards away from a refrigerator rigged with an explosive target as she recorded … Continue reading