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Have you tried using ChatGPT?  Here in Rhode Island, we have been fielding some calls about artificial intelligence.  I thought it would be helpful today to explain this new technology.  As to personal injury law, while ChatGPT may help provide … Continue reading

Recently, I settled a sad case involving a Rhode Island teen killed in a car accident.  It was heart wrenching and every parent’s worst nightmare.  So today, I would like to highlight that May marks National Youth Traffic Safety Month.  … Continue reading

In today’s blog, I explain what uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM) means to you, as either a Rhode Island or Massachusetts resident.  While the terms’ meanings are universal, their application differs depending on your home state.  So, make sure … Continue reading

In today’s blog, I will go over step-by-step what you should do after a car accident in Rhode Island. Step 1: Assess your injuries, move to a safe place, and call 911. First, quickly assess your injuries to determine if … Continue reading