Month: May 2019

car accident damage

After a serious head-on car accident in Upton, MA caused serious personal injuries to our client, she contacted Attorney Mike Bottaro.  After walking her through a difficult time in her life, we are proud to announce an out of court, … Continue reading

the bottaro law firm helps end child poverty by supporting red nose day

When I was developing the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, I wanted to create a different type of personal injury law firm. Not only did I want to take care of my client’s needs every day, I also wanted to honor … Continue reading

Who is the best car accident lawyer for you? Here are three tips for choosing the best car accident lawyer. First, you need a firm that gets results. The best car accident lawyers in Rhode Island and Massachusetts fight hard. … Continue reading

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is the time for soaking up the sun, cookouts, festively decorated parties, and enjoying some patriotic celebrating. Rhode Island might be the smallest state, but Lil’ Rhody sure knows how to celebrate Memorial Day weekend to its … Continue reading

self driving shuttle

Despite fatal car crashes and other personal injuries around the country, Providence Rhode Island has approved six autonomous transport shuttles. These shuttles will function like any other vehicle – waiting at crosswalks, stopping at lights, and breaking for any unexpected … Continue reading

roadway on hills

Rhode Island and Massachusetts have a wide variety of different terrains throughout the states. There are the bustling, busy traffic areas like Providence or Boston, but then you have the more open roads of Foster, Exeter, or Dighton. Today, I focus … Continue reading

Have you heard of a real life hero? This is personal injury attorney Mike Bottaro and today I’m sharing the case of the hero dad. My client, Scott, has two small children. He was walking them in their stroller across … Continue reading

auto accident

Car accidents injure people everyday in Rhode Island. According to the Providence Journal, recently three people suffered from serious personal injuries in a car accident that involved eight vehicles on Elmwood Avenue in Providence near our Eddy Street office. This auto … Continue reading

bottaro with client

Out of the many types of car accident cases that I handle routinely are Rhode Island rear-end car accidents with personal injuries. Let me tell you about this one recent car accident case where I helped our client after she suffered … Continue reading


Did you know that after a Rhode Island or Massachusetts one category of damages that the insurance companies often do not tell you about is called “mental pain and suffering”? May is known as Mental Health Month, and each year, … Continue reading