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In today’s blog, I provide a June 2023 Camp Lejeune update, and how to contact us to handle your Camp Lejeune claim.  Bottaro Injury Lawyers, the Camp Lejeune victims we represent, and now both democrat and republican members of Congress … Continue reading

As many of you know, we have been taking on Camp Lejeune toxic water claims since the new law went into effect in August.  It has been a real honor to help our veterans and their families throughout Rhode Island … Continue reading

At Bottaro Law, we are getting more and more involved in the Camp Lejeune toxic water claims, proudly representing those in our Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities.  In today’s blog, I will repeat the general factors to answer your question, … Continue reading

Here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, we continue to work representing people like you get justice regarding the new PACT Act.  This new law opens up the right to compensation to those harmed by the toxic water at Camp Lejeune.  … Continue reading

As we continue to prepare for the toxic water Camp Lejeune lawsuits, here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts I wanted to continue blogging about the situation that has affected so many of our veterans and their families over the decades. … Continue reading

As I continue to meet and prepare for litigation on the toxic water Camp Lejeune lawsuits, here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, today I wanted to provide a brief overview of the history and situation that I will split into … Continue reading

On August 10, 2022, the President enacted a new law that gives military veterans and others around Camp Lejeune the right to compensation for harm caused by water contamination. Here at Bottaro Law, we are proud to be accepting these … Continue reading