Month: August 2016

Recent Fatal Hatfield MA Crash Shows Pickup Trucks Are Prone to Rollover Incidents On July 22, 2016, Massachusetts State Police reported that a Shelburne man had been killed in a rollover crash involving his pickup truck on Interstate 91 near … Continue reading

Rhode Island Gets Good Grades For Teen Driving Conditions; Inexperienced Drivers Still an Issue During summer months, with longer daylight periods, we tend to see greater numbers of teens driving on the nation’s roads and highways. How do states rank … Continue reading

Personal injury attorney Mike Bottaro explains everything you need to know if you have been injured in a car accident in Massachusetts or Rhode Island. If you have been injured in a car accident, do you know your rights? Each … Continue reading

MA and RI Attorneys with Years of Experience Representing Motorcycle Crash Victims When it comes to collisions involving motorcycles and automobiles, the motorcycle – and those on it – generally sustain the bulk of the damage and injuries. That was … Continue reading

Dedicated Attorneys Helping Keep New Drivers Safe in MA & RI If H. 3113 becomes law in the Bay State, those with learner’s permits would be required to display a “highly visible, reflective decal” on their vehicles to let other … Continue reading