Month: June 2019

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If you know Cumberland like I do, you know that Mendon Road can be dangerous. Today, I am blogging about a recent personal injury case success from a Cumberland, Rhode Island car accident personal injury car accident case. Cumberland, Rhode … Continue reading

What happens when your auto insurance company denies your claim after a Rhode Island car accident? I’m personally injury lawyer, Mike Bottaro. Today I explain a big time settlement that I reached in a Rhode Island bad faith lawsuit. Our … Continue reading

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This past weekend, seven motorcyclists were killed in a motorcycle accident in Randolph, New Hampshire. According to CBS Boston, the motorcycle accident occurred on Route 2 in Randolph, where a Dodge pickup truck with a trailer attached collided with a … Continue reading

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In Rhode Island, the weather is extremely unpredictable. But, wouldn’t it make the most sense that the winter months are more dangerous when it comes to driving? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the summer months actually have … Continue reading

The car accident happened in Massachusetts, but I’m a Rhode Island resident. What do I do? I’m personal injury attorney Mike Bottaro and I get this question all the time. Let me share a big time settlement we reached in … Continue reading

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What legal duties does your auto insurance company owe you after a car accident in Rhode Island? Recently, the Rhode Island Supreme Court revisited some issues that shed light on this question in a case entitled, Summit Insurance Company v. Eric … Continue reading

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In 2014, General Motors recalled 1.4 million vehicles – Chevrolet Traverses, GMC Arcadias, Buick Enclaves, and Saturn Outlooks for a seat belt issue. Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has started an investigation regarding the effectiveness of the recall … Continue reading

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If you have suffered personal injuries in a Rhode Island car accident involving a rental car, a recent Rhode Island Supreme Court decision may apply to your case. On June 4, 2019, the Rhode Island Supreme Court announced its decision … Continue reading

Injured in a motorcycle crash that’s not your fault? This is personal injury attorney, Mike Bottaro and I’ve been handling these cases for years. Let me give you three pieces of advice. First, don’t talk to the insurance company without … Continue reading


It is a family’s worst nightmare – a high speed driver carelessly slamming the family off the highway. When a mother and daughter’s life changed after getting into a car accident on the highway, Attorney Mike Bottaro jumped on their personal … Continue reading