42nd Annual Meeting Street Telethon: The Bottaro Law Firm Gives Back

February 9th, 2018

Since 1946 Meeting Street has fulfilled its mission of compassionately and innovatively empowering children and their families to thrive by fostering the development of the whole child. Meeting Street was originally established as a school to provide educational, therapeutic, and developmental services to children with disabilities and special needs. In 2006, Meeting Street expanded and […]

41st Annual Meeting Street Telethon: Supporting Our Children and Our Communities

January 27th, 2017

Meeting Street has been helping children and families grow and thrive since 1946.  As a national leader in childhood development, education, research, and training, the expert staff at Meeting Street provides individualized attention to children of all ages.  At their Providence and North Dartmouth campuses, they have created an environment where individuals of all abilities […]