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You may know that if a DUI driver causes you injuries from a car accident, you may bring a lawsuit against the drunk driver.  But did you know that if you are injured in a car accident by someone who … Continue reading

What happens if a drunk driver injures you in a car accident?  At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we proudly represent drunk driver personal injury victims.  In today’s blog, as a drunk driver car accident lawyer, I answer 3 questions that people … Continue reading

According to WPRI reports, Rhode Island State Police charged a 25-year-old man in a deadly DUI-related car accident that occurred at Rt.146 North, just past Rt.116, in Lincoln, Rhode Island.  The accident left one passenger dead and another seriously injured. … Continue reading

Here at Bottaro Law, we are passionate about helping car accident victims throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.   Drunk driving resulting in car accidents remains a tragic and avoidable problem.  If you have suffered a personal injury in a car accident … Continue reading

You’ve seen the signs all over the highways, such as the “Drunk Driving is the Path to the Dark Side” near Exit 16 on Route 10 in Rhode Island and also in Massachusetts. Whether it’s the holidays or the urge … Continue reading

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This is personal injury lawyer Mike Bottaro and it has been my honor to represent victims of DUI drivers in car accidents. In today’s blog, let’s examine some of the issues that arise in a DUI car accident here in RI … Continue reading

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For over 20 years, I have been proud to stand up for the rights of the injured. In Rhode Island and Massachusetts where we practice personal injury, drunk driving continues to be a problem. Westerly Rhode Island Car Accident By … Continue reading


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At my firm, we stand up against drunk drivers who cause personal injuries in car accidents. We are proud to represent the injured victims and their families and proud to support Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). We limit our practice to personal … Continue reading

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Did you know that our firm gets many calls around the upcoming Thanksgiving week concerning car accidents and drunk driving car accidents especially? It’s always important to drive safe, but especially during the holiday season. More people are on the … Continue reading