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Recently, I settled a sad case involving a Rhode Island teen killed in a car accident.  It was heart wrenching and every parent’s worst nightmare.  So today, I would like to highlight that May marks National Youth Traffic Safety Month.  … Continue reading

Have you ever been stopped in traffic and looked in your rear-view mirror hoping that the person behind you is paying attention?  Stop-and-go traffic can be dangerous especially if there are distracted drivers.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety … Continue reading

If you’re spending the fall months in New England, watch out for deer on the road! Practicing personal injury law throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts, we have heard about some unusual car accidents over the years.   What Happens If I … Continue reading

Children in our Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities are heading back to school!  Here are my 3 tips to maximize safety and minimize school bus accidents and other personal injuries: 1. Eliminate “Hurry”& Increase Safety!  Children and adults can all … Continue reading

Traffic on a snowy winter day

As we head towards spring throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts where we practice personal injury law, there’s likely another storm or two in our near future!  During this late winter month, let’s remember some basic tips to minimize the risk of … Continue reading

traffic in snow

Do you know how to minimize the risk of a car accident in winter driving? This is Rhode Island and Massachusetts car accident lawyer Mike Bottaro giving you 5 tips in today’s blog! 1. Prepare Your Car Before Winter Driving As the season changes … Continue reading

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In today’s blog, let’s take a look at a new bill being introduced in Rhode Island that, as a personal injury lawyer, I read with interest. If you have driven by a school in Providence, RI, you have seen one … Continue reading

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Did you know that one out of every eight traffic fatalities in the United States is caused by a semi-truck? Commercial vehicles can be devastating when involved in a crash, leaving regular drivers seriously injured or dead. At the Bottaro Law … Continue reading

Did you know that each year there are tens of thousands of parking lot car accidents? If you have a parking lot car accident with personal injuries in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, than the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC has got your … Continue reading


Interested in knowing what to do after suffering personal injuries as a pedestrian? Having practiced as a personal injury lawyer in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, today I am going to share some information about pedestrian car accident cases. Rhode Island and … Continue reading