Month: May 2020


In these tough times of COVID-19, we thought it would be a small gesture to help provide a free lunch to our Rhode Island National Guard and other military folks who are helping on the front lines. Twin River Casino … Continue reading


If you have been injured in a car accident, slip and fall, or other incident, did you know that you could recover for your pain and suffering? What is pain and suffering anyway? The insurance companies will not tell you about the categories … Continue reading

red nose day bottaro

My vision when starting the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC was to create a different type of personal injury law firm serving Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Not only did I want my team and I to take care of our clients’ … Continue reading

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What is one of the most common ways you can be injured? A rear end car accident. What is our firm’s expertise, a type of personal injury case we have literally handled thousands of times? A rear end car crash!  Today, … Continue reading


Who’s making a lot of money from COVID-19? If you read our blog, you know that car insurance companies making out big time. Less cars on the road means less claims and less payouts. This means that we are all being charged … Continue reading

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Do you know that if you get into a motorcycle accident with personal injury, the insurance company is not obligated to advise you of your legal rights? This is true with bike accidents, motorcycle accidents, and other accidents involving cars, pedestrians, … Continue reading


Are you concerned that some government actions during COVID-19 may be unconstitutional, i.e., against our basic American freedoms? Well, you’re not alone. One federal judge recently found that a governor’s “interstate travel ban” was in fact, unconstitutional. COVID-19 Government “Executive Orders” … Continue reading

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Did you know that other lawyers actually hire us to work on their own case? This is Mike Bottaro and there is perhaps no better feeling than sharing with you the below authentic client review I recently received: “As an attorney … Continue reading