Month: July 2015

Attorneys Serving Victims of Speeding Drivers in MA and RI Car accidents are one of the most common incidents that cause injury to drivers and passengers, and nearly every individual over the course of a lifetime will experience an accident … Continue reading

Pedestrian Accident and Legal Course of Action in Massachusetts and Rhode Island While all accidents that occur on the road are scary, accidents that involve pedestrians hit by a car, truck, or motorcycle are the most unfortunate. Because individuals who … Continue reading

Close up of a high power motorcycle

MA and RI Attorneys Serving Motorcycle Crash Victims A helmet is the most important piece of equipment a rider can have while using their motorcycle. While we hope your helmet is never tested in a crash, we want to be … Continue reading

Attorneys Serving Victims of Trucking Accidents in Rhode Island and Massachusetts Accidents on the road are a common occurrence, but not every collision has the same implications for drivers and passengers. Large trucking accidents or those involving a large commercial … Continue reading

Attorneys and Civil Personal Injury Claims in RI and MA 8 child deaths in the U.S. have resulted so far in 2015 when children were left unattended in cars and suffered from heatstroke. In the year 2014, there were 31 … Continue reading

Legal Assistance for Injured Pedestrians in MA and RI When it comes to transportation, individuals have a variety of options for getting from one location to the next. At some point, however, each one of us has little choice but … Continue reading

Injury Attorney Fighting for Victims of Fireworks Accidents in RI & MA While most towns put on extravagant fireworks displays for the 4th of July, having your own private display is in most cases illegal here in Rhode Island. Below … Continue reading