Month: August 2021

injured woman with hip pain or back injury

You’ve been injured due to a slip and fall or similar injury on another’s property – now what?!? At my law firm, we handle what is known as “premises liability” cases every day. Whether you slip, trip, get bit by … Continue reading


What happens if you are injured by a police officer in a car accident? Listen, I am a big supporter and friend of many police departments and officers. But like all of us, police officers may operate their vehicles in … Continue reading

handshake with attorney

Did you know that all Rhode Island and Massachusetts car insurance policies have coverage limits? These limits cap the amount of compensation available from the policies for your case. However, at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we may be able … Continue reading


Did you know that if you’re injured in a bike accident, there may be more than 1 insurance policy available to compensate you? I have been handling motorcycle and bike accident cases in Rhode Island and Massachusetts for years. Today, … Continue reading

bottaro law firm

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we have been blessed to support the rights of the injured.  I have served on our trade industry’s board for many years and we were pleased when the state recently passed a new law … Continue reading

bike accident

Did you know if you’re involved in a Rhode Island or Massachusetts bicycle accident, you may be able to place a claim on your insurance? In today’s blog, I want to share the story of a recent settlement win when … Continue reading

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Have you been following our Playstation 5 video game console giveaway contest? Allow me to update you on our PS 5 contest winner! Background: Our PS5 Essay Contest Many families across our communities have had an especially challenging year. Playstation 5s … Continue reading