Month: February 2016

RI & MA Attorneys Fighting for Car Accident Victims Police officers called to the scene of a two- or three-car accident in Massachusetts or Rhode Island often recount that there are just as many versions of what happened as there … Continue reading

Working with Victims of Animal Caused Accidents in MA and RI While the chances of hitting a deer may not be as great in Massachusetts or Rhode Island as, say, West Virginia or Pennsylvania, it only takes one such collision … Continue reading

Serving the Injured Throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island According to recent reports, as many as 30 million Americans don’t have automobile liability insurance, despite that it is required in 49 states and the District of Columbia. While the percentage of … Continue reading

Legal Representation for MA & RI Drivers with Medical Conditions What if a medical emergency caused my accident? Persons with permanent disabilities and medical disorders often face barriers in our society. If you are confined to a wheelchair, the issue … Continue reading