Month: December 2015

Experienced Attorneys Fighting for Victims of Distracted Drivers in MA and RI Over the past few years, a dangerous new trend has evolved — driving selfies. Taking a picture of oneself is not necessarily dangerous — unless you are behind … Continue reading

Attorneys Serving Holiday Drivers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island During the holiday season, more and more people hit the street, and traffic can become a nightmare. While some of the frustrations you experience as a driver are weather-related, others are … Continue reading

Attorneys Helping Families and Victims of Distracted Driving Accidents in Rhode Island and Massachusetts Drivers have a responsibility to themselves, their passengers, and others sharing the roadways. All drivers must refrain from engaging in activities which could cause them to … Continue reading

Attorneys Serving Injury Victims of Self-driving Cars Across Massachusetts and Rhode Island As the automotive industry continues to strive to make motor vehicles safer, Tesla has stepped it up and produced a new self-driving car. While not completely autonomous, Tesla’s … Continue reading