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Distracted driving comes in many different forms. Aside from texting and driving, distracted drivers may eat, put on makeup, mentally plan out an upcoming tough conversation at work, or go searching through their car to find a dropped or missing … Continue reading

Did you know that in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, where we practice personal injury law, it is illegal to text while driving? Laws that prevent drivers from holding electronics or texting are considered types of distracted driving laws, and such … Continue reading

Did you know that April is national Distracted Driving Awareness Month? Here at Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we often handle distracted driving victims’ personal injury cases in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. In an effort to help raise awareness and prevent … Continue reading

More and more people in our practice areas of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts ride electric scooters. Electric scooters are oftentimes a convenient, economic, and environmentally-friendly way to travel. However, as electric scooter personal injury attorneys, we are keenly aware … Continue reading

Drunk Driving Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer Advice  Who doesn’t love Rhode Island in the summer, our Ocean State? There is nothing better than spending time with loved ones whether it’s boating or taking a scenic driver to our beautiful … Continue reading

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As a personal injury lawyer, accidents resulting from distracted driving are some of the worst cases we handle. Too often are these accidents avoidable. We recently settled a claim for a Cranston, RI, woman who suffered injuries from an alleged … Continue reading

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If you are injured as a passenger in a Rhode Island car accident, you have important legal rights. And if you have an underlying back injury that worsens due to a car accident, you also have important legal rights. In … Continue reading

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Did you know that one out of every eight traffic fatalities in the United States is caused by a semi-truck? Commercial vehicles can be devastating when involved in a crash, leaving regular drivers seriously injured or dead. At the Bottaro Law … Continue reading

Did you know that each year there are tens of thousands of parking lot car accidents? If you have a parking lot car accident with personal injuries in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, than the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC has got your … Continue reading


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