Month: March 2018

Man Slipped And Injured Back On Icy Street

After a tragic slip and fall accident left a client with terrible personal injuries, Attorney Mike Bottaro stood beside his client and fought with her until the end. As a result of her slip and fall, our client suffered a … Continue reading

Bottaro law achieves jury trial verdict against GEICO Injured in Rhode Island

A Rhode Island Superior Court jury found in our favor and against GEICO for our clients’ 2014 car crash. We represented a husband and wife who were on their way to Wrentham shopping outlets on a sunny summer day in … Continue reading

Members of the Bottaro Law team recently volunteered at the Rhode Island Ministry Food Bank to help package food. With a mission to ensure that no one in Rhode Island goes hungry, the food bank distributes food to more than … Continue reading

The cruise control feature in vehicles is fairly common and beloved by many road-trippers. Although there are many pros to cruise control, there are also many cons that accompany it. Benefits of Cruise Control The number one benefit to cruise … Continue reading

Throughout the United States, it is a well known fact that drunk driving is a serious crime which results in serious consequences. However, most people don’t understand that driving drowsy is another major problem throughout the United States that also … Continue reading

You have just been involved in a motor vehicle accident and the police arrive to the scene. After the police get your statement, you are transported to the hospital. Subsequently, you are told you have severe injuries and need surgery. … Continue reading

Moments after getting into an accident there will be a million thoughts running through your head like, how much damage is there? Will your car be expensive to fix? How will you pay for it? Since your mind is so … Continue reading