Month: September 2020


Did you know that your auto insurance company can exclude you from coverage at times when you injured while using Uber or Lyft? This is RI/MA personal injury lawyer Mike Bottaro and in today’s blog, I am going to educate … Continue reading

Mike Bottaro

Did you know there are many myths about car accident personal injury claims? It feels impossible to turn on the television or drive down the block without being bombarded with lawyers, courtroom reality television, and crime dramas. It can feel like … Continue reading


Have you ever realized that the name of something is actually not accurate at all? This is Rhode Island and Massachusetts personal injury lawyer Mike Bottaro and today I am going to blog about a topic that is completely unfair … Continue reading

bus accident

COVID or not, did you know that schools are starting back up in Providence, Rhode Island?! We have tragically represented many bus accident victims throughout RI and MA in their personal injury claims. Our personal injury law firm is headquartered right here … Continue reading


What is it like to work remote during COVID 19? In today’s Rhode Island personal injury blog, one of our paralegals shares her experience! COVID 19 And RI Personal Injury Law: Still Plenty of Work! When I was told I … Continue reading

Mike Bottaro

Did you know that on August 28, 2020, the Rhode Island Superior Court issued a new Order updating its prior COVID 19 orders? As a personal injury attorney who regularly appears in our superior courts, this Order (named “Administrative Order 2020-08”) … Continue reading


Did you know that injuries suffered due to a broken railing or other defect can result in a significant personal injury case? This is Attorney Mike Bottaro and in today’s blog, I want to share our team’s recent success settling … Continue reading