Month: March 2019

snarling dog

Anyone who has been attacked by a dog knows how scary and painful this experience can be. In our Rhode Island personal injury practice, we have a track record of helping people just like you after a personal injury dog attack. In … Continue reading

high power motorcycle

This is Mike Bottaro and as my friends across RI and Mass. are about to get their bikes out for Spring (!!!), it’s time to break out 3 of my best practices tips if you go down on your bike. For … Continue reading


Last year, while at an out of state conference is when I first noticed the electric scooters and bikes taking over many of our cities. Since that time, I have been reviewing and now accepting Rhode Island and Massachusetts electric … Continue reading

bottaro gives back

When I started the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, my vision was to create a different kind of personal injury law firm serving Rhode Island and Massachusetts. In addition to our expertise and great client reviews, and highest ethical and professional … Continue reading

drunk driving

Want to know what upsets a jury? In my experience as a Rhode Island personal injury lawyer, there is nothing a jury dislikes more than serious injury or death resulting from alcohol use in a drunk driver or other at … Continue reading


Head injuries after a motor vehicle accidents or other personal injury is common. Did you know that a special type of doctor called a neurologist can help treat you after a concussion or other type of brain injury? At the Bottaro … Continue reading

meeting with doctor

Sprains and strains are common terms used after you have suffered personal injuries from an auto accident. What exactly are those and how do they affect the value of your personal case throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts? Sprains – Focusing on … Continue reading

sad person

Did you know there are several categories of money damages available to personal injury car accident victims that the auto insurance company will not tell you about? This is Rhode Island and Massachusetts personal injury lawyer Mike Bottaro here to … Continue reading