Month: January 2015

If you were injured on the job, Rhode Island’s workers compensation system is set up to pay you lost wages and medical payments without having to show the cause of your injuries. This is a “no fault” insurance system intended to speed up payment … Continue reading

Staying Protected from Man's Best Friend

You’ve been bitten by a neighbor’s dog that has been known to be aggressive. Can you bring a personal injury claim against the dog’s owner? How about a claim against the owner of the property on which the dog bite … Continue reading

Lawyers in Massachusetts courts may now, for the first time, question prospective jurors before selecting a jury in civil and criminal trials. This groundbreaking change in law will help ensure fair jury trials. Massachusetts recently changed its voir dire practice … Continue reading

866-LAW-9700 Your child has been bitten by a dog and suffered an injury. Now, you are wondering if you have legal recourse against the dog’s owner. It is important to know that in Rhode Island there is a law to … Continue reading

It is common for kids to fall, get bruises, and even break a bone or two during childhood, but head trauma continues to be the leading cause of death or disability for children over the age of one. The types … Continue reading

Did you know that when your vehicle skids on ice you should always look and steer in the direction you want to go after taking your foot off the gas?  Our experienced car accident attorneys provide this and other safe winter … Continue reading

Personal injuries in Rhode Island happen far too often. What the victims of injuries may not know is whether circumstances warrant legal action. In many cases, negligence plays a role in how the injuries were sustained. If the injuries were … Continue reading

All drivers recognize the dangers associated with falling asleep at the wheel, but driving a car when feeling tired or drowsy still poses risks to anyone on a roadway. Drowsy driving has become its own category for risk, particularly for … Continue reading

Despair driver after traffic accident

The risks of drunk driving are well-known. But what about drugged driving? Do we really understand how risky this behavior is for drivers and others on the road? Drugged driving has become a high priority issue for safety organizations in 2015. … Continue reading