Month: January 2019

43rd annual meeting street telethon the bottaro law firm gives back

This past weekend, Rhode Island personal injury law firm, The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, was again a sponsor at the 43rd Annual Meeting Street Telethon, which was held at Meeting Street’s Providence campus. For several years, personal injury lawyer Attorney … Continue reading

subarachnoid hemorrhage

Pedestrian auto accidents can disrupt your life and lead to auto accident legal claims. After a car struck our client while she was walking across the street in Pawtuxet Village, personal injury attorney Mike Bottaro fought to achieve justice for his … Continue reading

skip hop tuo high chair recall

When you are a parent, your child is one of the most important things in the world. Protecting them and making sure they are safe is one of the highest priorities as well. Recently, Skip Hop is recalling more than … Continue reading

car accident

Having practiced personal injury law for as long as I have, one common question I get is “Why should I hire a car accident lawyer?” Friend, I love what I do and there are many reasons, but today I am going … Continue reading


If you have suffered a personal injury from a Rhode Island car accident, you need to know that auto insurance companies will use your past medical history to deny or limit your legal rights to compensation. At the Bottaro Law … Continue reading

graphic of the brain

In my personal injury practice in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, I have been blessed to help thousands of victims achieve justice after a car accident or other personal injury. Head injuries such as traumatic brain injuries (“TBIs”) can deeply affect … Continue reading


As a personal injury lawyer, I deal with car accident cases everyday. So I read with great interest recently about Elon Musk’s vision of creating a 1.14 mile underground tunnel in Hawthorne, California. Might a tunnel help minimize car accident personal … Continue reading