Month: December 2014

866-LAW-9700 A large commercial truck has struck you while driving here in Rhode Island or Massachusetts. What key factors should you be considering next? First, know that federal law heavily regulates these trucking companies and drivers. This is important because … Continue reading

Many of us have experienced the flash of fear that comes with walking in a crosswalk, just nearly missed by a speeding car that seems to come out of nowhere. Sadly, pedestrian-auto accidents are common and can result in broken bones, … Continue reading

How do you get the most out of court-annexed arbitration, required by Rhode Island courts for most personal injury cases? The court-annexed arbitration process may allow you to settle your case without going to trial. But you will still have the option to go … Continue reading

Factors Considered When Determining the Worth of Your Auto Accident Injuries 866-LAW-9700 You’ve been in a car accident, and you are now wondering how to determine how much your injuries are worth. A number of factors are considered, starting with … Continue reading

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A $13.2 million jury verdict for the family of Mary Dwyer, who died after medical mistreatment at a New Jersey assisted living nursing home, is bringing national awareness to the tragic issue of nursing home negligence. Nursing Home Negligence Case Mary … Continue reading

866-LAW-9700 After being in a bad accident, it is common to have concern that the party at fault does not have adequate coverage for your injuries. If this is the case, there may still be options. In Rhode Island, you … Continue reading


What if a person who is brave enough to rescue someone in danger acts negligently during the rescue and suffers injuries? Does RI personal injury law require that a jury apportion fault between the rescuer and the rescued under the comparative … Continue reading

During the holidays, it seems as though the hustle and bustle of the season are everywhere. People have decorated their homes. Others are shopping for last-minute gifts. Still others are preparing for family gatherings. It is quite literally the busiest … Continue reading

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Did you get injured on property owned by another and wonder whether the landowner or landlord was negligent? Let’s take a closer look at the RI premises liability law and how it may apply to you. Duties to Trespassers and Guests Rhode … Continue reading