$405,000.00 Truck Accident Settlement Obtained by Mike Bottaro for Injured Rhode Islander

Truck damaged after accident

Recently, we obtained a settlement for a Coventry Rhode Island man who suffered complex leg fractures from a truck accident.

Providence Pickup Truck Accident With Complex Leg Fractures

Our client was a passenger in a truck whose operator carelessly caused a head-on crash.

Ambulance rushed our client to the nearest trauma hospital where he was rushed into emergency surgery. Unfortunately, the recovery was slow and painful, but he continued to recover a little each day. Our client would most likely be unable to put his body through the usual strains as a contractor, which was work that he not only enjoyed but excelled at!

The Bottaro Law Difference: Litigating Complex Personal Injury Cases To Achieve Maximum Settlements

Our client called me right away and I met with him at his house.

From the moment I spoke with our client, our team made a visit to him in the hospital, continued to investigate and soon learn from evidence that the driver of the motor vehicle was indeed at fault and would have responsibility for the changes our client would soon endeavor. As I continued to do my diligence, the team and myself encouraged our client to focus on healing and let our personal injury firm take the wheel.


Not only did our client undergo emergency surgery, but our client remained out of work due to the right pilon fracture and a distal fibula fracture; resulting in a revision of external fixation of his ankle. During surgery, he also had hardware installed, making future injuries more probable, especially with a job that requires a lot of physical labor.

In construction, there is a lot of physical labor that goes into carpenter work. As our client laid in bed, it was impossible not to worry about the future and the loss income he would also suffer aside from his injuries. How will I pay my bills? Can I ever return to work? Who is going to pay the hospital bills?

Closure For Our Client!

As our client continued to heal, I continued to fight for our client and try to answer all these questions to the best of our ability. Our client was not only in pain and experiencing this trauma, but worried about his future with this personal injury. The parties agreed upon a settlement that would bring closure to our client and help provide some certain financial security for him.

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