5 Ways To Safely Maintain Your Property

With winter weather on the horizon, now is the time for property owners to ensure the safety of their property. Visit Mike Bottaro’s slip and fall law page to learn more. Below are 5 tips for home and business owners:

  1. Have A Plan
    Preparing for the inevitable snowstorm is half the battle. You should have the proper equipment handy before the storm hits, along with a game plan to execute. For home and business owners, this should include the proper equipment next discussed. Businesses will also want to consider a professional snowplowing company.
  2. Salt/Shovel/Sand
    Use the right equipment for the job. Putting down rock salt before a storm creates a layer of brine that greatly reduces ice formation. Rock salt helps melt ice. Shoveling clears the snow. Laying down sand after shoveling helps minimizes slippery conditions.
  3. Have Cones/Warning Signs Available
    When weather conditions are bad, consider closing your business. If you decide to stay open, then you are responsible for warning your customers of slippery conditions that may exist. For more information, visit The United States Department of Labor OSHA fall prevention campaign.
  4. Stay Vigilant – Once Is Not Enough
    The goal here is to maintain a safe premises. This requires a plan to continue to inspect your premises. For example, shoveling a walkway once at the outset of a storm is insufficient.
  5. Check Your Insurance Coverage
    Even with a well-laid out plan and execution, even the best RI personal injury lawyers have seen that slip and fall personal injuries can occur. When they do, the proper insurance can provide benefits to those injured and financial security for the landowner. Make sure your insurance policy is paid up to date, covers liability, and is adjusted to a comfortable deductible. Standard homeowners’ policies and business comprehensive general liability policies are a good starting place.

As an RI slip and fall lawyer, I hope these tips can help minimize personal injuries this season and keep everyone safe.