$500,000 Rhode Island Table Saw Personal Injury Settlement

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Did you know how important it is to use the proper safety guards on a table saw? And to train on how to make table cuts? Let me tell you about how I was able to help a seriously injured independent contractor in a recent table saw personal injury legal claim here in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Personal Injury Saw Cases Involving Kickback

Here in Rhode Island, many contractors and others use table saws and other types of saws and equipment for work or at home. Here at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we have handled several personal injury claims arising out of injuries form saws. Many of these table saw lawsuits can involve “kickback” and can result in amputation, partial amputation, nerve injury, disfigurement, and other serious life changing injuries.

Often, as in here, we receive a call from someone who is embarrassed about the injury on top of anxious and fearful of the medical bills, and future.

The first piece of advice I try to offer is to calm your mind.

It may be, as in this case, that there are factors that you may not be aware of that contributed to your personal injuries and it may be, that therefore, The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC can help make a sizable monetary recovery for you.

Narragansett, RI Kickback Personal Injury Lawyer Best Practices And $500,000.00 Settlement

I received a call from a retired man whose friend was a solo contractor. The contractor had paid him off the books to come to a job site and make some rip cuts with the contractor’s table saw.  During a rip cut, the wood kicked back causing our client’s hand to feed into the blade. In an instant, our client suffered  three amputated fingers, nerve damage, and loss of function. Below is a photo after the five surgeries.

I immediately schedule a visit to inspect the equipment and conduct a thorough investigation. The friend contractor, it turns out, did not have workers compensation coverage and likely did not comply with the law in several regards. Fortunately, the contractor did have a general liability insurance policy.

As I investigated the matter, and based on my experience handling these cases, I immediately found evidence of significant negligence on the contractor. In addition to not providing his friend with proper training, it was most shocking to learn that the contractor had completely failed to set up the table saw in accordance with the manufacturer’s equipment, including significant safety features. In particular, I was able to establish that the table saw was not affixed to the proper stand; that spreader, anti-kickback prawls, rip fence, and blade guard were not used. In essence, the contractor had not set up the table saw in the safe and required fashion – thereby greatly increasing the risk for a kickback injury. Below are photos of what the table saw should look like versus what was actually done by the contractor:

Since the accident, our client’s life has changed tremendously. A usually active man who enjoyed fishing, ATV riding, snowmobiling, and driving his Corvette can no longer enjoy his hobbies and needs assistance with everyday tasks. He has continued follow-up appointments with occupational therapy and is unsure if he will have to receive additional surgeries.

RI Contractor Claim For Personal Injury: Legal Research, Investigation and Settlement

I, Personal injury attorney Mike Bottaro, personally handled this case from the beginning, investigating, researching, and building the case to a successful policy limit $500,000.00 settlement.

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