90-Year-Old Man Survives Bad Cranston Car Accident; Bottaro Secures $82,500.00 Settlement!

We were grateful to recently settle a young man’s Cranston, Rhode Island car accident.  Our client was in a severe car accident at age 90.  In 2020, car accidents accounted for less than 1% of fatalities among people 70 and older, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Who Handles Cranston, Rhode Island Car Accidents? Bottaro Injury Lawyers!

Cranston, Rhode Island is one of our most beautiful cities here in Rhode Island.  As a younger lawyer, I had a personal injury office in Garden City.  It was quite enjoyable to stroll the sidewalks and visit with folks.  As such, our local firm is familiar with the roadways and courts in the Cranston area.

Perhaps that is why the family of a local 90-year-old retiree knew to call us after his devastating car accident.  This was a very scary, life-threatening situation.

Pictured above is the actual damage our client sustained in his Cranston car accident. 90 years old or not, this was serious. If you find yourself hurt in a car accident, call us immediately to discuss your options.

Our client was driving on Comstock Parkway in Cranston.  He was on his way to Burger King when a careless driver rear-ended him so forcefully that it set off a chain reaction.  The car slammed into the vehicle in front of him.  It was obvious that the driver was not paying attention when they rear-ended our client.  The vehicle had substantial amount of damage to the front and rear bumpers.

As mentioned, our Rhode Island client was a retiree simply minding his business when he was trapped inside the car.  The good professionals at Cranston Fire Department rushed out to assist.  After extricating him, he was stabilized and rushed to Miriam Hospital.

At the emergency room, doctors diagnosed multiple personal injuries, including injuries to his neck, back, and shoulders.  He also suffered from lesions on his arms, legs, and head.

Our client was already seeking treatment after suffering from a stroke in 2020. Now, he found himself in need of physical therapy to get back on his feet and enjoying his retirement.

How Much Is My Cranston Car Accident Case Worth Here In Rhode Island? Best Personal Injury Advice

As we got to know our client and his family, we investigated not only the car accident but also how the crash affected this stroke victim’s life.  When people want to know “How Much Is My Case Worth?” we explain that getting to know you as our client is the first step to getting you maximum settlements.

This is because in figuring out how much is your case worth, one of the factors is how the personal injury affected your life.  We can apply to the court and argue with the insurance company to obtain compensation for your “pain and suffering.”  The best personal injury law firms understand the value of getting to know you as a client and fellow human being.

In this case, our client’s son did the right thing by calling us almost immediately.  We went out to meet with our client and make sure we had enough evidence.

We wanted to make sure that our client wasn’t found at fault for rear-ending the vehicle in front of him due to the neglect of the at-fault driver behind him.

It was important to set up claims and send our letter of representations to the insurance companies so that our client wouldn’t be harassed with phone calls and taken advantage of as an elderly person.

Our case manager, Meghan, worked closely with Attorney Amanda Corrao to ensure our client was getting physical therapy and the treatment that he needed.  Simultaneously, we worked on demanding a maximum settlement for our client and collecting enough medical records and bills that we could use to support our demand for the best settlement.

Case Manager: Meghan

Attorney Amanda Corrao

After several months, our client was starting to feel better, and we were able to negotiate a settlement for our client that would not only make his retirement even more comfortable, but give him the financial stability that he needed to continue treatment whenever he needs.

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