$900,000.00 Settlement In Seekonk, MA Moving Company Personal Injury Case

Moving Company’s Negligence Results In Jaw Fractures, Spinal Injuries, And Multiple Surgeries 

Picture it: You’ve spent your entire life working and today’s the big day… You’re packing up and moving to your dream home in New Hampshire to kick back and enjoy the golden years of retirement!  You’ve hired a moving company to ship your goods to your new home.  However, in a moment, your dreams are placed on hold and your health changed forever.

In today’s blog, I describe a tragic story that resulted in our law firm ultimately achieving a $900,000.00 personal injury settlement for our 71-year-old retired client.

What Are My Rights If Injured Due To A Moving Company’s Fault (Negligence)?

Our client and his wife called us soon after the awful event.  As a Massachusetts personal injury law firm, we immediately provided a free case review and discussed their legal rights.  The bottom line is that if you suffer personal injuries attributed to a moving company, you have immediate legal rights.  We provide 24/7 free case reviews to get to know your exact situation.

In this case, we learned that the family hired a well-known moving company to deliver a pod to their house.  The company sent one of their employees to drive the truck carrying the pod.  The driver’s task was simple: drop off the moving pod.  Later, after our clients filled the pod, the driver was to return and ship it to the client’s new home.

Instead, on the delivery date, the driver carelessly placed the pod in a muddy area, and not off the asphalt driveway where it should have been placed.

After a few nights of rainfall, the pod on the lawn began to sink, which caused difficulty when the pod company came to retrieve the pod.  Our clients filled the pod and the driver returned.

Upon his return, due to the pod’s placement, the driver could not lift the pod back onto the truck by himself.  So, contrary to the company’s policies, the driver recruited our 71-year-old client and began giving him instructions on what to do to assist.

In fact, the driver found a non-conforming plank in our client’s yard to try to lift the sunken pod to get the retrieval vehicle underneath it.

While You Recover, We Work For YOU!

Tragically, the unstable pod dropped on the 4’x4′ plank and ricocheted the plank up under our client’s jaw, causing a domino effect of injuries.  The strike to the jaw immediately fractured his mandible in two places.  The force of the plank under his jaw caused our client’s neck to whip backwards, resulting in neck trauma and a resulting surgery.  When the plank forced our client’s head back, he lost his balance and fell.  This also caused injury to his back, which also required an invasive, significant back surgery to replace previously installed hardware in his lumbar spine.

broken jaw movers injury

Our client’s broken jaw.

Our client’s jaw X-ray after the incident.

The Seekonk Fire Department quickly rushed our client to Rhode Island Hospital.  Later, we heard from his wife while he was undergoing surgery and met him at the hospital to do his initial intake with our investigation team.

Our investigators went out to meet with our client to collect evidence, including the moving company’s information, witnesses, and injury photos.  Our client needed surgery on his jaw, and it would take several months of recovery for him to talk, eat, and live comfortably again.

Not only was this a major set back for our client’s physical health, but it affected him mentally and put a lot of stress on his family during the moving process.

Seeking Justice: Bottaro Law Nabs Maximum Settlement For Our Client From Moving Company’s Insurance

There was no doubt that the moving company had workers on site that were not equipped to handle pods the way they did, or to have our client participate when he was just the customer.

If injured, always hire an attorney.  Why?  Because we can prevent billing and insurance companies from bullying you and determine who the right people to go after are.

During our client’s treatment, we focused on negotiating the best settlement for him as possible.  We collected all of his medical records and bills to not only present to the insurance companies, but to make sure that he was not stuck with the cost of his medical expenses during this difficult time.

moving company and negligence and managing partner and attorney

Amanda Corrao, a lead attorney on this case, fights everyday for our Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities’ rights!

moving company and accident and attorney and visionary and founder

Bottaro Injury Lawyer’s founder, Mike Bottaro, has been practicing personal injury law for decades. Wins like this for top-notch clients make the hard work and late nights worth it.

Our client dedicated his life to helping children and families at Hasbro Children’s Hospital.  It was important that we got him the settlement that served him justice so that could go back to enjoying his retirement the way he deserves!

We were able to obtain a settlement of $900,000.00 for our client’s claim.  This was a life-changing settlement that will help him with future endeavors for him and his family, after everything that he suffered.

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