Dram Shop, Car Accident? Did You Know That After a Drunk Driving Car Accident, You Can Sue a Bar or Restaurant for Over Serving Alcohol?

You may know that if a DUI driver causes you injuries from a car accident, you may bring a lawsuit against the drunk driver.  But did you know that if you are injured in a car accident by someone who was over-served alcohol, you may also sue the responsible bar or restaurant?  Yes, RI and MA have dram shop car accident laws that help victims recover when establishments over-serve drunk drivers.

In today’s blog, we will examine the law surrounding this topic, often referred to as “dram shop laws.”

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Bottaro Injury Lawyers encourages everyone, especially our Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities where we practice personal injury law, to exercise caution while having fun. If a drunk driver injures you or a loved one, contact us immediately.

Without fail every year, intoxicated people insist on getting behind the wheel and causing others personal injuries.  We highly encourage community members to consider these factors not only during the holidays but every day on the road.

In light of these statistics, a common question we as personal injury attorneys get asked often: Can I recover damages from an establishment that over serves alcohol to its customers?

What is a Dram Shop Case After a Drunk Driver Injures Me in a Car Accident?

Dram shop laws allow lawsuits against establishments that over serve alcohol to those who then cause injuries to others due to their negligence.

In both Rhode Island and Massachusetts, there are dram shop laws on the books.  However, big companies usually defend these cases, so you must hire an experienced personal injury law firm as soon as possible to investigate your situation.  Dram shop laws are codified in R.I. Gen. Laws § 3-14-1-15 “Liquor Liability Act,” and Mass. Laws Ch. 138 § 69, respectively).

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Proving liability in an alcohol-related injury, or any personal injury, is difficult to do without a law degree and years of experience in the field. At Bottaro Injury lawyers, we have made responsibility parties own up to their negligence.

In order to prove your case, it is your duty to meet the burden of proof which may include evidence that:

  1. The business knew or should have known that the person was intoxicated.
  2. The business served the person anyway.
  3. Your personal injury is a direct result of the individual’s intoxication.

If you believe that you have a case relating to the Rhode Island Liquor Liability Act or Massachusetts dram shop laws, contact us right away for your free case review.

How Do I Prove a RI or MA Dram Shop Lawsuit?

Dram shop cases are particularly hard to prove.  For example, in Rhode Island, the Liquor Liability Act requires that the business acted negligently or recklessly in providing the drunk driver alcohol.  “Visible intoxication” is sometimes difficult to prove.

In short, if a drunk person injures you or a loved one, call us to discuss how we determine liability and ensure that you receive the best outcome possible.

Without fail every year, drunk drivers get behind the wheel and cause personal injuries in car accidents.  Please know that if this happens to you, our firm provides free case reviews, 24/7.  It is our honor to stand up for the injured against drunk drivers and any establishment that over serves alcohol to such drivers.

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