Amazon Truck Accident Lawyer: $100,000.00 Settlement for Mother and Her Children

Throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts, truck accidents can cause serious personal injuries, resulting in lawsuits and loss.  At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we have a track record of success in helping those injured in truck accidents, including Amazon truck accidents, as described in today’s blog.

Did you know that Amazon delivers over 1.6 million packages per day?  As one of the largest companies in the world, Amazon’s truck drivers are under immense pressure to timely deliver packages.  Their systems and process for doing so can lead to carelessness and dangerous truck accidents.  If you are injured in any truck accident, especially a big company like Amazon, you need the best personal injury law firm on your side.  At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, our truck accident lawyers always offer free, confidential case reviews 24 hours per day.  It is our passion to stand up for your legal rights!

Smithfield Rhode Island Amazon Truck Accident Injures Children And Mother

One afternoon, an Amazon driver was operating a truck seemingly at a high rate of speed on Snake Hill Road in Smithfield, RI.  He approached an intersection with a blinking yellow light in all directions.  Ahead of him, a young mother with two young children had already approached the intersection from the opposite direction, slowing down, and entering to proceed straight with the right of way.  Inexplicably, the Amazon truck driver carelessly entered the intersection intending to take a left turn and did so – causing a major truck accident with our client and her children.

The truck crash caused major front-end damage to its own vehicle.

The Amazon truck caused our client’s air bags to explode as well.

What Is My Truck Accident Case Worth?

If you were injured in a truck accident like this one, you are looking for answers concerning your legal case.  When we discuss “how much is my truck accident case worth?” with our clients, we are really talking about how personal injury lawyers at our firm can help recover lost medical bills, lost wages, and help with other categories of compensable damages including damage to your car.

In this case, the negligent Amazon driver caused the mother to suffer fractures in her right leg and injuries to her children.

Chepachet Fire Department did a tremendous job in immediately getting to the scene to get our client to the hospital and care for these kids.

Close up of our client’s right leg injury.

Our client’s right leg brace.

The family texted us right away after the crash as they were getting stressed out about the injuries and affect on their lives.

Get The Top Personal Injury Law Firm That Fights Against Amazon For You!

As a technologist at a local hospital, our client’s work life was disrupted as well as her children and family life.  Fortunately, the childrens’ injuries healed.

Samantha, a Bottaro Injury Lawyers legal assistant, ready to work for you!

Shawna, a Bottaro Injury Lawyers claim adjuster that diligently worked for our client’s settlement!

At our firm, we have the people who truly care.  We also has the financial resources to take on big companies that cause personal injuries to those in our communities.  In this case, we had the caring hearts of Samantha and Shawna on the case!

After several months, our mother of three was back on her feet and working, and her children were slowly getting back to normal.  Amazon came to the table and we were able to negotiate a $100,000.00 settlement.  Our attorneys and legal professionals are here to fight for you!

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