Attorney Mike Bottaro Gets $305,000.00 Settlement for Cranston RI Man Injured in Car Accident

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Did you know that even when you have underlying neck and back injuries, you may be entitled to significant settlement money after a car accident? In today’s blog, I would like to teach you about a recent client’s case I handled involving an “aggravation of an underlying medical condition,” resulting in a Rhode Island car accident settlement.

Providence, Rhode Island Car Accident With Neck Surgery.

Our client, a 79-year-old retired man from Cranston, RI, was t-boned in Providence by a careless driver.

The car accident resulted in immediate neck and back pain. He obtained conservative medical treatment including physical therapy and epidural injections that did not resolve his pain.

Ultimately, a cervical MRI revealed that the auto accident had aggravated our client’s underlying disc disease. Surgeons recommended anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (neck surgery) which was completed as well as an additional treatment.

The Bottaro Difference: Filing The Rhode Island Lawsuit Leads To A $305,000.00 Settlement

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, I personally handled this case along with our experienced team. As expected, when it came time to settle, the car insurance company delayed and tried to blame the surgery on our client’s age and underlying condition. There was essentially no money on the table!

Undeterred, I filed the lawsuit and engaged in civil discovery in Superior Court. Did you know that in Rhode Island, there is case law that at an fault driver is responsible for an “aggravation of an underlying condition”? These are tricky cases but I have experience in proving that our client’s condition worsened due to this crash.

Through research, hard work, and the help of expert testimony were able to prove that although our client had pre-existing neck pain, he never needed surgery until this accident.

I’m grateful that we were able to retain this settlement for our client, so he can go back to enjoying his retirement.

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