Attorney Mike Bottaro Settles Head-On Rhode Island Car Accident Case for $255,000.00!

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Did you know that many serious car accidents in Rhode Island occur within a mile of your home?  This is Mike Bottaro and today, I am blogging about a serious head on crash occurring just minutes from our client’s house. I am proud of the power that our firm put behind obtaining a maximum policy limit settlement on this case.

Cranston, Rhode Island Head-On Car Accident With Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Personal Injuries

Our client was traveling home on Pontiac Avenue in Cranston when an uninsured driver traveling northbound crossed the solid double lines and collided head-on into our client. The resulting car accident caused the air bags to deploy and rescue to rush our client to Rhode Island Hospital.

Our client suffered multiple injuries. Although surgery was not needed, conservative treatment largely failed for his most significant injuries. Our client, a top sales executive and high wage earner, experienced chronic numbness and radiating pain down both arms into his hands.

The doctors were initially confounded because the MRIs and other tests mostly came back negative. Our client consulted with some of the best doctors in the state. Finally, one of his surgeons referred him to a vascular surgeon in Boston. After further testing, our client was diagnosed with a serious injury known as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (“TOS”). TOS can be difficult to diagnosis as it involves compression of the veins. The injury is considered permanent and other than physical therapy and expensive injections, the only potential treatment is a serious open surgery involving bone resection.

Rhode Island Bad Faith Law And Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Because TOS is difficult to diagnose, our client’s auto insurance company disbelieved the injury and our client. I had to provide extensive documentation concerning the injuries and legal causation. There is considerable research out there about this devastating injury and I learned quite a bit.

When the auto insurance company balked at paying the policy limits, I also had to prepare the research and evidence concerning first party bad faith law in Rhode Island, including by way of example, R.I. Gen. § 9-1-33. After drafting a federal lawsuit, ultimately the auto insurance company backed down and ponied up the entire policy limit – a maximum settlement on a difficult case.  Our client was pleased with the results and our perseverance in sticking through to the end on the case, while also keeping him out of federal court!

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