Bottaro Injury Lawyers Discuss Intracept & Via Disc NP Procedures as Back Injury Treatments for Clients

Have you ever heard of Intracept and Via Disc NP procedures? If you have chronic lower back pain exacerbated by a personal injury accident, there’s a chance you may have heard of one or both procedures.

We at Bottaro Injury Lawyers are all too familiar with Intracept and Via Disc NP procedures. As personal injury attorneys practicing in the greater RI and southeast MA areas, our clients often experience debilitating back injuries that require a variety of treatments and procedures.

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While Intracept and Via Disc NP procedures are wonderful medical innovations, we regret to see so many personal injury accidents that require them. Thus, we at Bottaro Injury Lawyers have made it our mission to fight for our injured clients’ rights. Call us to discuss your case anytime 24/7, free of charge.

Part of how we build and value your personal injury case depends on the medical treatment you receive. Today’s blog article provides a quick overview of Intracept and VIA Disc NP procedures and explains why it is important to hire a personal injury attorney after sustaining back injuries.

What are Intracept and VIA Disc NP Treatments?

Intracept and VIA Disc NP treatments seek to relieve peoples’ lower back pain. While these procedures have the same goal, the processes by which they help our clients manage their back pain vary.

The Intracept procedure is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure for patients with vertebrogenic lower back pain. This particular treatment specifically targets your basivertebral nerve (BVN), a nerve that sends pain signals from inflamed endplates to the brain. During this procedure, a doctor will make a small incision to insert a tool that allows them to destroy (ablate) the BVN. This should effectively permanently destroy the nerve, preventing you from feeling lower back pain.

On the other hand, the VIA Disc NP is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure for patients intended for patients with lumbar disc degeneration that causes lower back pain. VIA Disc NP targets patients’ degenerated discs (as opposed to endplates) to provide part of the discs with supplemental tissue.

In short, the Intracept procedure burns nerve pain and the VIA Disc NP procedure injects tissue support into degenerated discs. Both procedures are considered back pain management treatments.

When Might I Need Intracept or VIA Disc NP Procedures?

While many people often feel back stress as they age, personal injuries can significantly increase back pain. Many of our motor vehicle accident victims, especially rear-end collision victims, suffer from severe back pain given the nature of impact.

Doctors will often try different treatments before these procedures. Depending on the nature, location, and severity of your pain, they may prescribe painkillers, muscle relaxers, and physical therapy first. If these interventions do not work, it may be a good time to discuss other pain management treatments like Intracept and VIA Disc NP.

How Can an Attorney Help Me Pay for Intracept or VIA Disc NP Procedures to Relieve My Chronic Back Pain After a Personal Injury Accident?

If you sustain back injuries as a result of a car accident, slip and fall accident, or other type of personal injury incident, the best way to get comprehensive medical care is to immediately seek medical assistance.

Not only will taking charge of your back pain early help you feel better quicker, it will help your personal injury attorney showcase the extent of your injuries. A skilled personal injury lawyer will review documents describing what medical interventions you’ve tried, if you need Intracept for VIA Disc NP procedures, and if and to what extent any treatments were successful for you. This information will help your attorney calculate the value of your case and get you the most compensation possible for your chronic back pain.

In short, Intracept and VIA Disc NP are two different procedures that treat different causes of lower back pain. Many personal injury clients end up requiring these interventions as part of their chronic back pain care plan. To understand what treatments you need after sustaining personal injuries, always seek a medical doctor’s advice. Contact us to help make sure the at-fault party covers your Intracept and VIA Disc NP procedures!

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