Best Advice From Personal Injury Attorney: Can Social Media Use Harm Your Personal Injury Claim?

After a car accident or other event with personal injuries, did you know that big insurance companies typically look at your social media accounts?

Sharing photos, posting comments, and not thinking about what we share on a day to day basis is something to consider when you suffer a personal injury. Your first reaction may be to post on Facebook or share a post on Instagram about the incident, but it can actually harm a future case.  

If you have recently sustained a personal injury and have filed a claim with a personal injury lawyer or through your insurance company, it’s important to stay away from your social media account(s). Your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts can be potentially dangerous for your claim if you happen to share too much. The defendant’s insurer will be on the lookout for recent posts that can be used as evidence against you in potential litigation claims and settlement negotiations. 

Social Media

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Posting Pictures of Your Physical Activities 

During the process of a personal injury claim, the defendant’s insurer is looking for ways to pay you less in your personal injury settlement.

If they can find information about you online that makes it appear as if you are less injured, or otherwise question your credibility, they may succeed in hurting your case.

This is true even when you have done nothing wrong.

For example, after suffering a back injury in a car accident, posting photos of working out at the gym could be construed to mean that you are less or not injured. Of course, this is unfair as exercise may be completely beneficial in helping your recovery – nonetheless, big insurance companies will try anything to save money.  

Personal Injury

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After a Rhode Island or Massachusetts Personal Injury Be Careful On What You Post Online

Because of these unethical insurance companies, our advice is to use discretion when posting online after a personal injury.  Here are some areas that you should avoid posting online:

  1. Communications with your personal injury lawyer.
  2. Information about the personal injury and your injuries.
  3. Complaints or other posts about your personal injury claim.

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