Best Lawyer Advice: 3 Tips To Win Your Motorcycle Accident Case

If you have suffered injuries in a bike accident, you need to know some basic tips on how to maximize your chance to win your motorcycle accident case here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  At Bottaro Law, my team and I are passionate about standing up for the right of bikers, so here are 3 tips:

1. “Lawyer Up” Before You Talk To Anyone! (You Deserve Bottaro Law)

Immediately after a personal injury, it is absolutely critical that you hire an experienced personal injury law firm. You need a team of professionals who are local, limit their practice to only representing personal injury victims (never a general practice firm or defense firm!), and who has a track record of success with great reviews.  (Obviously, I am biased that our team here at Bottaro Law is best!).  At any rate, Tip #1 – “lawyer up” asap!

This is because time is ticking!  All insurance companies (yes, even yours) and all hospitals, medical billing companies, etc. are looking out for their financial interest, not yours! (When you hire us, you get our No Fee Guarantee – free case review, and no upfront fees/costs, etc – we only get paid when we win your bike accident case!).  Also, we need to jump on our investigation; preserving evidence, speaking to witnesses, getting paperwork in order, etc.

The faster you call or text us, the faster we can get to work on getting you paid for your bike and personal injuries.

2. Preserve The Evidence: Your Bike, Gear, and Any Witnesses

Motorcycle Case

Your bike and gear should be preserved to get you paid and as potential evidence to win your case

As stated above, to get the best motorcycle accident settlement from our lawyers, it is best to preserve all evidence immediately.  We can help.

3. Be A Great Patient Advocate For Yourself: Document Your Pain

When you learn how to be a “great patient advocate,” you will understand that clearly communicating your injuries with your doctors will not only help you get better, but also help our motorcycle accident lawyers win your case. 

Motorcycle Case

Clearly communicating your pain to your doctors will help them to treat you and your personal injury lawyer with specific documentation

When we are working on your bike accident personal injury case, the insurance people in Rhode Island and Massachusetts will be looking over your medical records.  Like it or not, what is written in your medical records often carries more weight than what you tell us or later testify about.  When you hire our team, we spend time educating you on being a great patient advocate.

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