Best New Bedford Car Accident Lawyer Advice: How After a Car Accident We Can Save You Money!

Call Did you know that in New Bedford, Massachusetts – and in all of Massachusetts where we at Bottaro Injury Lawyers practice personal injury law – we know the law that insurance companies do not want to tell you about?  In addition to getting you a great gross settlement, we may be able to help lower bills and liens you owe.  We may also be able to help save you money and clench the absolute maximum settlement after your New Bedford car accident!

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At our firm, we have combined decades of legal experience handling personal injury car accident cases throughout our Massachusetts communities.  We are local and passionate about helping people and offer a free 24/7 case review.

Many personal injury victims do not realize that any settlement they receive could be subject to a “lien” or “subrogation” to PIP, health insurance, or medical providers.

What does this mean?  When a negligent driver causes a car accident and you are injured as a result, your health insurance provider may have a right to repayment for medical services provided.  In other words, the third party paying for your medical care is entitled to part of the settlement or judgment money you are awarded.

The story doesn’t end here, though.  Skilled and local New Bedford car accident lawyers, like us, know how to examine the requested lien versus the law to determine whether we can waive or reduce this amount.  In other words, we may be able to negotiate in your favor to make sure you see compensation for your injuries.  Read on to learn more about medical insurance providers’ right of subrogation, medical liens, and how we can help you see the most of your settlement award!

What is a “Right of Subrogation”/Medical Lien as It Relates to my New Bedford, Massachusetts Car Accident?

In the personal injury context, when you are (1) not the at-fault party and (2) injured in a car accident, and (3) receive a settlement or judgment as a result of the accident, your medical insurer and/or PIP insurer may have a right to be paid back for benefits they paid out on your behalf.

For example, let’s say that ya negligent driver injures you and your case settles for a gross amount of $100,000.  If your health or auto insurance company claims $25,000.00 in liens, you would lose that amount of money in your personal injury settlement.  Such a claim may arise under applicable statutory or contractual law.

How Do Medical Liens Relate to my Personal Injury Protection Benefits as Part of my Massachusetts Car Insurance?

If you insure your vehicle with a Massachusetts auto policy, you are required to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) as part of your car insurance coverage policy.

PIP laws are a special scheme that dictate certain terms and occurrences after a car accident.  For example, under PIP, if you are a Medicare beneficiary, your auto insurance company may pay the first $8,000 in medical expenses before Medicare kicks in.

In certain settlements, the PIP insurer may have a right to recover the entire (or part) of the $8,000 paid in the above example from either the at-fault insurer or your settlement.  There are circumstances where our personal injury lawyers at Bottaro Injury Lawyers, can step in and help you save money.  Text or call us now to discuss how this applies to your New Bedford car accident, free of charge.

Our local personal injury law firm works together to get our MA and RI clients the best settlements possible.

How Can Bottaro Injury Lawyers Help With Settlement Medical Liens?

We at Bottaro Injury Lawyers work with medical liens on virtually every case that comes across our desks.  Our experience and expertise help us clench top settlements.  We regularly negotiate medical liens so that both you and your medical insurance provider are happy and paid.  Similarly, separate form a lien, you may need advice on dealing with a co-pay, deductible, or unpaid medical bill.  In this case, it is critical that you discuss your options with a personal injury attorney.  Call us!  We at Bottaro Injury Lawyers have been helping our local communities fight for their rights for years!

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