Best Personal Injury Advice: What to Expect After Rhode Island or Massachusetts Commercial Truck Accidents

Commercial truck accidents in our communities have caused tragic, life-changing personal injuries and deaths.  At our law firm, we’ve been blessed to focus on only representing the injured and their families throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Over the years, as founding partner of Bottaro Injury Lawyers, I have handled these cases and given many free case reviews to victims.  As such, I thought it might be helpful in today’s blog to share with you what you should do and expect after a serious commercial truck accident with injuries or fatalities.

What Should I Do Immediately Following a Commercial Truck Accident?

Events tend to move extremely fast after a trucking accident on our roadways.  Obviously, in the immediate aftermath, you and your loved ones need to assess injuries, move to a safe place (if you can do so safely!), and call 911.

If able and everyone is safe, whatever information or evidence you or your family can gather while at the scene will be helpful during the later legal process.  Again, in the case of a fatality or serious injury, this may not apply. However, if possible, for example, take photographs, speak to the authorities, exchange insurance information and collect as much detail as you can.  This includes the driver’s personal address and driver’s license information, as well as their company’s name, how to contact their company, and the truck’s license plate number.  You should also collect witness’ names and contact information.  The more information you collect, the easier it is for us to build your case.

Should I Contact a Personal Injury Law Firm After a Commercial Truck Accident?  

Yes.  Commercial truck accidents become complex fast.  These are big trucks and big companies with big resources.  Typically, they will fight you every step of the way and without the best personal injury trucking accident law firm, you are at a disadvantage.  You want to hire a skilled personal injury law firm as soon as possible in order to put your mind at ease with investigating, completing paperwork, providing all sorts of advice, determining fault, and advocating for the highest payout possible.  This is especially true at our firm, where we offer a free case review and No Fee Guarantee – we work for you on commission and only get paid when we win the case.

In commercial truck accidents, the following party (or parties) can be at fault:

  1. The commercial truck driver
  2. The commercial truck driver’s employer
  3. The commercial truck manufacturer (many manufactures can be involved)
  4. The commercial truck owner (could be different from the employer and/or manufacturer)
  5. The owner of materials in the truck
  6. A maintenance or service provider who serviced the commercial truck

We at Bottaro Injury Lawyers know what we are looking for, what kind of research we need to do, and what questions we need to ask to find who is at fault.

What to Expect Once a Local and Experienced Personal Injury Law Firm Takes Your Case

Once you contact us to handle your Rhode Island or Massachusetts commercial truck accident, you can rest easy.  With our No Fee Guarantee, you will not pay us a dime.

We will file your claim, research and evaluate your case, and negotiate with at-fault party’s insurance adjustor(s).

Sometimes commercial truck accidents happen because a fatigued, intoxicated, reckless, or distracted commercial truck driver is behind the wheel.  Other times, the commercial truck itself is defective, ill-maintained, or overloaded.  Whether or not these common causes contributed to your commercial truck accident, you have found yourself in a place 110,000 people found themselves in 2021 – injured in a commercial truck accident.  While those who hold commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) are required to undergo hours of training, commercial trucking accidents still happen.

While determining the value of a commercial truck accident depends on the specific facts of each accident, we typically value your case based on your past and future medical bills, lost wages, and property damage expenses, as well as your non-economic damages such as mental and/or physical pain and suffering.

If you have been injured in a commercial truck accident, take the guesswork out of the equation.  Call us immediately!

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