Why to Avoid Social Media After a Personal Injury

Did you know that what you say and post on social media can be used against you in your personal injury case? So, should you share details about your personal injury case outside your lawyer? The short answer is no.

While sharing photos and comments is something you may be used to doing in your life, there are special rules of evidence that apply when you have a car accident, a slip and fall, or other types of personal injury case here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts where we practice.

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Can You Record Calls And Social Media In Rhode Island?

In Rhode Island, it is legal to record phone calls without your consent.  Also in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts, the rules of evidence and other rules of the Superior Court liberally allow lawyers to subpoena and review your social media and phone accounts.

So as far as social media, after a personal injury, it’s simply best practice to minimize or avoid posting from your social media account(s). 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. can all be accessed and used in your case.

And while you will not intentionally try to harm your case, car insurance companies and defense lawyers are skillful at taking your postings out of context to try to hurt your case!  The defendant’s insurer will be on the lookout for recent posts that can be used as evidence against you in potential litigation claims and settlement negotiations. 

For example, if you get into an accident and allege that the accident caused severe back injuries, but you post a picture of you doing a full gym regiment with heavy equipment, the defendant’s insurer will use that as evidence to diminish liability on behalf of their client. 

close up shot of someone scrolling through social media on their smartphone

Are My Attorney Client Communications Protected?

The general answer is “yes.”  When you communicate with your personal injury lawyer, those communications whether in writing or verbally, are protected from disclosure.  So rather than post to social media, it is best practice to win your case to limit your communications to confidential conversations between you and your personal injury attorney. 

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