Best Personal Injury Lawyers: 6 Do’s and Don’ts After a Car Accident – Common Car Accident Concerns, Answered!

Day in and day out, we at Bottaro Injury Lawyers manage the aftermath of serious car accidents.  I cannot tell you how many times we’ve received frantic phone calls from injured victims and frazzled family members seeking our help.  And calling us – a skilled personal injury firm – is the right thing to do in these instances!  Since accidents happen all the time and seemingly when we least expect it, I want to go over 6 do’s and don’ts after a car accident.

1. Do move to a safe place and call 911.

At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we believe in safety first!  Quickly assess your injuries to determine if you are able to move safely.  If you can relocate to a safe location, do so first.  If you have sustained a serious injury and as a result cannot move, wait for emergency medical assistance.  Once you are in a safe place, call 911 to report the accident to the police and get medical professionals on the scene.

2. Do not admit fault or say “I’m sorry” or “I’m fine” to anyone at the scene.

While this may seem like a no-brainer, shock may lead you to speak too much.  For instance, many of us tend to say “sorry!” even when something isn’t our fault… We’re sorry the situation happened!  But at-fault drivers and their insurance companies will misconstrue this in favor of a low payout.  Thus, as a rule, do not discuss the accident with any at-fault parties.  Instead, keep conversations cordial and to a minimum.

car accident do and dont minimal conversation

It’s important to keep conversations to a necessary minimum after you’ve been hurt in a car accident. Your attorney will handle communications during your case.

3. Do collect as much information as you can. This includes collecting witness’ names and contact information, license plates numbers, photographs, and observations of the time, place, and road conditions.

And do not feel awkward, bad, or ashamed for doing so!  If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you deserve to document what happened.  When exchanging personal and insurance information with the at-fault driver, make sure to collect their license plate number, make, and model of their vehicle.  Sometimes at-fault driver’s lie about their personal information, so it’s important to collect as much information as you can on your own.  Also, be sure to collect witness’ personal information and statements.  Police officers at the scene may help you do this as well.  The more you can provide your attorney, the better it is for your case!

4. Do not engage with car insurance adjustors, even from “your” car insurance company.

If a car insurance adjustor calls you to make a statement about the accident, simply inform them that you need to speak to your attorney first.  Speak to them as little as possible, even if the adjustor is “your” insurance representative. (Why might your insurance company want your statement?  Possibly for a UIM claim).  No matter what company the adjustor is calling on behalf of, their job is to protect the company’s bottom line.  Meaning, they are looking to pay out as little as possible.  We at Bottaro Injury Lawyers know all their tricks!  So, do not talk to anyone until we talk to your first or otherwise facilitate the conversation.

5. Do seek medical attention, attend all scheduled medical appointments, and complete any treatment care plans.

Again, we believe in safety first!  If you’ve been injured, seek medical attention immediately, even if your injury does not feel severe… yet (whiplash?).  Follow all treatment plans and attend all doctor’s appointments.  We will incorporate your medical costs into your accident’s value.

Car accident and medical intervention and neck pain

Injuries of all severity can lead to more problems down the road. it is important that you abide by all doctor’s orders after you accident. We’ll handle the rest. 

6. Do not post on social media about your case (or at all!) while your case is pending.

Believe it or not, car insurance companies will go to great lengths in their investigation to pay out as little as possible.  One way insurance companies do this is by reviewing your social media posts.  If you post anything after your accident, you can expect that the insurance companies will scrutinize it.  Picnic with the family?  Light jog at the gym?  Seems like you’re “healthy” … Even if that’s not true.  At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we urge our clients to refrain from posting on social media until we settle your case.

Car accidents, whether near-fatal or light whiplash-inducing (which is still a big deal), are scary.  At the scene of the accident and for a while thereafter, you will likely feel overwhelmed.  Just remember, take care of your health, do not speak to the at-fault party more than necessary, and call a skilled personal injury attorney to take care of the rest.  Contact us now for a free case review!

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