$125,000.00 Policy Limit Settlement In Cranston, Rhode Island Head-On Car Accident Obtained By Attorney Mike Bottaro

Recently, I had the honor of representing a 72-year-old man after his serious Cranston, Rhode Island head-on car accident.  The at-fault driver caused our client such serious back injuries that he required emergency surgery.

Below is a photo of our client and I in happier times after his surgery, rehabilitation, and a policy limit settlement on his personal injury case.  In today’s blog, I want to discuss how we supported our client from back surgery to a $125,000.00 settlement!

72-year-old man and settlement and car accident and happy

Personal injury lawyer and founding partner, Mike Bottaro, with his happy client after the settlement!

Cranston, Rhode Island Car Accident Results In Emergency Back Surgery

This case involves an at-fault driver making an ill-advised and careless left-hand turn, causing a severe head-on car accident.

Our client was simply driving straight toward the intersection of Cranston Street and Linwood Avenue in Cranston, Rhode island.

A careless driver approached the intersection and proceeded to take a sharp left turn in front of our client, as our client was rightfully traveling straight through.

The resulting head-on collision caused our client’s car to be deemed a total loss.

car accident and head-on collision and settlement

Our client’s car after the at-fault driver caused a head-on collision with our client.

Back Surgery With Pain and Suffering

In immediate shock and pain, our client called 911.  The Cranston Police Department and Fire Department rushed to the scene.  Both vehicles sustained heavy and disabling damage and were towed from the scene.

Our client was a 72-year-old semi-retired jeweler.  He had a significant past medical history that included a back condition called spinal stenosis.  In fact, he needed and underwent back surgeries prior to this car accident.

Due to his medical history, it was critical that medical professionals treated him as soon as possible.

Technicians performed an MRI on our client.  His surgeon read the MRI and noticed that the trauma had aggravated (“exacerbated”) his underlying medical condition.

While our client was adjusting to being out of work and his treatment at a local rehabilitation center, we began to take care of the rest!

Our investigation team obtained evidence including the police report, property appraisal, prior and current medical records, and most importantly, the imaging MRI reports.

What Is My Car Accident Case Worth?

As far as the legal case, the first step in our case was proving fault (liability).  In this case, that was the more straightforward step.  Did you know that if you take a left-hand turn, you’re almost always going to be found at fault if it results in a car accident?

The real trick in this case was establishing (proving) that the car accident was a “substantial factor” in causing the need for the new back surgery.  In this regard, I was able to consult with and retain our client’s long time orthopedic surgeon.  The surgeon explained to me (and later wrote in a signed report) that although our client had underwent past back surgeries, he (our client) would not have needed any back surgeries, if not for this car accident.

The difference in hiring the best personal injury law firm in your case is often the dedication and attention that is given by the attorneys and team.  At our law firm, we only practice locally and we only represent personal injury victims, never insurance companies!

We understand here at Bottaro Injury Lawyers that car insurance companies are not interested in justice – only trying to save money.  Therefore, we understand the importance of getting to know our clients in preparing to prove your case!

Therefore, we have the experience and track record that matters.  Once we organized the case and established our burden of proof as to not only liability, but also the medical causation, the insurance companies had little choice but to quickly pay out the maximum settlement!

After several months of treatment and fighting for our client, he happily stopped by the office to pick up his settlement and meet with me… wearing one of our firm t-shirts!

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