Bottaro Injury Lawyers Team Spotlight: 7 Questions & Answers With Our Legal Case Manager Samantha!

Samantha, Bottaro Injury Lawyers’ Legal Case Manager

Q: What do you like about working on behalf of injured clients in the personal injury legal field?

A: I like to meet our clients who come from all different areas of life and to be able to help them during difficult times.  It is especially gratifying that our clients are just regular people and that with the knowledge I have learned at the firm, I can help stand up for their legal rights against big insurance companies.  I love that I am a part of a firm that understands the importance of standing up for people in the community when they come across unfortunate circumstances.  We are always looking to put our clients first and fight for their rights!

Q: How is our firm different than others?

A: We have a mission that “Nobody Should Fight Goliath Alone.” At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, this means to me that when you get injured, it is smart to seek out a law firm like ours that focuses on local personal injury law.  We all really enjoy people at our firm and we especially like the challenge of standing up to these huge companies who are looking to take advantage of regular people. 

Q: Had you ever worked at an organization that has its own Ministry Care Team that intentionally schedules volunteerism and philanthropy, as well as team building events?  And do you have a past favorite service day that you worked?

A: I love that the firm has a Ministry Care Team! I’ve never worked at a firm that has something so special.  The Ministry Care Team sets up service days for team members to go out, during the paid work day, to give back to the community.  One of my favorite service days was volunteering last month at Operation Stand Down, in Johnston!  We care about our troops, especially those we have been helping with their personal injury claims at Camp Lejeune.  Being able to volunteer at a non-profit organization that helps our troops get back on their feet and have the resources they need is so rewarding.

Samantha volunteering!

Q: Tell us about your favorite case that you worked on and why?

A: One of my favorite cases was a recent settlement with a woman who was severely injured in a rear-end car accident.  She was a cancer survivor who recently had breast surgery, and this terrible accident caused her to so much pain, heartache and unfortunately, she needed to undergo another breast surgery to fix the personal injuries sustained from the accident.  Amanda and I met with her to ensure we had all of her medical information so that we could get the best possible outcome for the client.  It was heartwarming and rewarding to see her get the life-changing settlement that she deserved.

Q: Have you always wanted a career in the personal injury legal field?

 A: I always had an interest in the legal field, tho I really did not know about personal injury law.  Working here has definitely opened my eyes to this interesting field and I learn so much.  My career builds on my education as in school, I always enjoyed my law and criminal justice classes.  Being able to work and grow here is a great experience.

Q: What do you enjoy about your specific role as Legal Case Manager for our personal injury clients?

A: Being a legal case manager is similar to a paralegal position overall.  Even better than most paralegal jobs is the direct client contact that I receive in having specific clients’ cases where I work directly with one of our lawyers.  I enjoy the customer service aspect of educating the clients about the legal process, and helping them with very real, everyday problems that arise after an injury like in a car accident.  I really enjoy being there for people and connecting with them.

Q: What is something fun we don’t know about you?

A: Something fun you don’t know about me is that I love interior design.  I am obsessed with HGTV and enjoy decorating.  I also used to play the piano!

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