The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC Celebrates National Random Act of Kindness Day

bottaro kindness

Last week was one of my favorite days of the year – they call it – National Random Act of Kindness Day. We thought it would be fun to participate in our way – with some free coffee!!

So at Bottaro Law, we collaborated with Fundati Coffee in Lincoln to brighten the days of our community members. The coffee shop guest was pleasantly surprised that we had picked up the tab for their breakfast and coffee.

We are so grateful to brighten the day of our community members once again.

What is National Random Act of Kindness Day?

The movement of Random Act of Kindness inspires people to do something kind every day. It is celebrated worldwide by various people, groups, and organizations, which encourage acts of kindness.

The day originated in New Zealand in 2004. New Zealanders paid it forward in drive-thrus around the country.

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we hope you will join us in celebrating this wonderful day by spreading some kindness.

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