The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC Lends a Helping Hand to the Toll Gate High School Mock Trial Team

The Bottaro law firm lends a helping hand to Toll Gate

The number one rule when you step into the court is that it all happens before you step into the court,” was one of the many pieces of advice that the Toll Gate High School Mock Trial team received from Attorney Mike Bottaro.

In preparation for their trip to Nationals, the Toll Gate Mock Trial team has been putting their brains together and working hard to come out strong in Reno, Nevada. During one of their practices, Attorney, Mike Bottaro lends a helping hand when he came into the school to give them some court room secrets. This advice was much appreciated, especially during their final days of preparation before their national competition.

Toll Gate Mock Trial was not always this successful in their previous seasons. In fact, senior and team captain of the team, Sara Hathaway, said that their road to Reno started out with a steep hill to climb. Coming back from losing all trials last year and not making it to playoffs, the mock trial team was determined to change their fate for this season.

With a new season and a new case, the mock trial team was committed to win and put their past record behind them. Toll Gate ended up winning all competitions during the regular season, but losing to Wheeler High School in the state championships. However, Wheeler chose not to attend Nationals, allowing Toll Gate to take their place and represent Rhode Island.

With Nationals costing $8,000 to attend, Toll Gate Mock Trial launched a GoFundMe page and held bake sales and yards sales to reach their goal. They raised a lot, but were still a little short. During his meeting with the team, Mike Bottaro surprised the group with a check for $1,000 – allowing them to travel to Reno for the competition.

A Helping Hand

Each month, the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC and ABC 6 partner up and lends a Helping Hand to people in our ministry who have fallen on hard times. The Toll Gate High School Mock Trial Team was chosen as the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC’s Helping Hand recipient for the month of May.

We wish Toll Gate the best of luck in their upcoming season!