The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC Recovers Settlement After Pit Bull Attack

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Anyone who has been attacked by a dog knows how scary and painful this experience can be. In our Rhode Island personal injury practice, we have a track record of helping people just like you after a personal injury dog attack. In today’s blog, I share one of our firm’s recent successful dog bit settlements:

About The Cranston, Rhode Island Pit bull Dog Bite Personal Injury Settlement

Owning a dog in Rhode Island carries serious responsibility of ensuring he is in a safe enclosure and/or does not have a history of violence.

In Cranston, Rhode Island, the defendant resided in a neighborhood with his young pit bull dog. Our client, defendant’s next door neighbor, owned a smaller dog.

Suddenly, the pit bull escaped from his harness and started attacking our client and his dog. The attack resulted in serious head and hand lacerations to our client and his dog.  These personal injuries required follow-up medical treatment here in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island’s Strict Liability Law Applies to This Dog Bite Attack

As I have blogged about in the past, Rhode Island has detailed law regarding laws regarding dog bites. Here, we were able to take advantage of Rhode Island’s strict liability law concerning personal injuries suffered by dogs outside their enclosure.

Rhode Island General Law § 4-13-16 states that if any dog injures any person while “out of the enclosure of the owner or keeper of that dog, the owner or keeper shall be liable to the person aggrieved.”

This language, if applicable, means that the case turns on establishing the plaintiff’s monetary damages.

Here, testimony and evidence established that the defendant’s dog escaped from its enclosure, leaving the property, and entering our client’s property in then causing the dog bite and resulting personal injuries in Cranston.

At the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we were next able to prove monetary damages from the dog bite including medical and out of pocket expenses, and pain and suffering. The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC was able to settle this case for a confidential amount. We are so happy that we were able to help our client get back on his feet after such a scary experience!

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